Thursday 11/08/2011, 03:11

I am considering buying an elo survivor deck berserk/Vortex

Berserk 14*
Elvis (for soa and solid power and dmg)
Revok (ability has great synergy with Vortex)
Kawamashi (attack manipulation)
Kostner (bluff potential and possible nuke in higher stages)

Vortex 11*
Dagg ( attack manipulation with pill gain and solid power and dmg)
Deea (same as Dagg)
Cyb Lhia( bluff potential and nuke)
Neloe (dr)

Suggestions and comments plz?

Thursday 11/08/2011, 04:39

I dunno...should you?

Kostner to Lola
Neloe to C Wing

Thursday 11/08/2011, 19:17

I would personally change Kostner to Lola.

Monday 15/08/2011, 07:51

I think you lack of 5* in your deck

Tuesday 16/08/2011, 05:01

NO THAT IS A TERRIBLE DECK 1 it needs a Leader and there not much power or dmg in that deck

Tuesday 16/08/2011, 21:11

I agree it needs more damage but you typically dont use leaders in type 1....

Tuesday 16/08/2011, 23:47

@funkyltkd Your so retarded he wants T1 and All of those cards have 7+ Power and Berzerk bonus helps with damage

Anyways Id go with what Yurieu said

Thursday 18/08/2011, 13:45

I like the deck smiley


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