Friday 02/12/2011, 12:06

In Clint City, there’s no age limit on fighting. Lorna is still very young but has some fearsome powers. Heitachi has been training in Bōjutsu for many years now and has become its undisputed master. While Dugan, a veteran of a thousand battles, is still a force to be reckoned with despite a few minor injuries.  They’re all equals on the ground and will probably be very much in need of Loretta’s attention…Get these characters in the shop's packs

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:10

Love the artworks!

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:15


Friday 02/12/2011, 12:16

Nice one about Dum Dum Dugan. smiley
I hope we get Nick Fury next. smiley

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:19

Wow not a bad release in the bunch, and a new ability!!!! Loretta may be the most broken, but Lorna is sweet. Lorna actually makes Skeelz somewhat competitive against attack manipulation clans.

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:21

Copy: Bonus..

Urban Rivals is coming to a new era.. smiley

Epic Release! What a jumpstart for Christmas! smiley

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:26

Loretta: 7/1 Heal 2 Max. 10. (Not that bad a card).
Lorna: 7/4 Copy: Bonus. (nice card, i knew "copy" abilitys were going to be made sometime.
Heitachi: 8/5 Protection: Power (Anuther good card)
Dugan: 7/7 -5 Opp Damage, Min 4 (He can attack and defend).

Overall this is a really good release.

p.s What clan will Kazayan be in?

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:26

I bet next release will have a copy ability

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:31

smiley Copy Bonus, what everyone has thought up of and always wanted smiley

If you want to check out their artwork and comment on them, check out Mighty Warriors

Friday 02/12/2011, 12:44

Does Lorna need to be played against a card with a bonus or would it work if you play her against a card without a bonus and if you have a Leader and Lorna was played against an opponents Leader would Lorna cancle the leaders bonus for that round lol.


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