offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 08/12/2011, 11:16

Hello all,

Make a video about: «Urban Rivals, what is it according to me?»

The video must last: 1 minute max.

The staff will select 5 videos. The criteria to be nominated are:

- humour
- originality
- possible popularity of the video (on youtube)
- positive image of Urban Rivals


From December 10 to January 25 24:00 (Paris time): upload your video on youtube and send us your link here:
From January 25 to February 10: selection of the 5 nominated videos.
From February 10 to February 25: Vote on Urban Rivals facebook page and choose the best video.

Prize for the winner : an iPad 2, 32 Go

offline GWN-repent Novice  
Monday 26/12/2011, 19:05

But i think the admins will know it it was stolen since i sent it in first

offline GWN-repent Novice  
Monday 26/12/2011, 19:36

Anyway PM me what you think

offline Moondraco Imperator  
Monday 02/01/2012, 19:26

Euzebe, are we allowed to paste our links here, in order to show the video to the English community?

Our video has implied a big effort, and showing it would be great! smiley

(Sorry: I'm Spanish, so if my English is not perfect blame bad English academies)

offline AbbyWyatt Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 03/01/2012, 09:54

Well, other people have posted their links, Moon, so I'd say it was ok. Plus I'd love to see it smiley
I would have gotten my entry in by now, but the stuff I need.....I left it back at University so can't do it until I get back smiley XD

offline Moondraco Imperator  
Thursday 05/01/2012, 16:25

Thanks Miho... I'll post it.
I'm looking forward to finish it, there are some things that don't look as we want them to look.

offline GWN-repent Novice  
Wednesday 18/01/2012, 00:30

I've seen some on youtube and they're pretty good

offline XC 1984 Titan E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 24/01/2012, 00:05

I just want to make sure that you received mine staff smiley

offline AbbyWyatt Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 24/01/2012, 15:01

Yeah, hopefully they recieved mine too, I sent it to the email with the right title and everything but never recieved an email back XD

offline .MintMan. Master  
Thursday 26/01/2012, 07:30

I haven't got the confirmation e-mail i'm worried now. i'm gonna send a new email

offline .MintMan. Master  
Thursday 26/01/2012, 17:45

here is mine as I haven't got the confirmation e-mail i'm worried. hope you'll get it. i've reuploaded it to be sure everythings fine, so here is the new link, the old one is in the mail i've sent few days ago, so please tell me if you've got it.

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