offline Kanuck Master  
Tuesday 17/04/2012, 04:06

Hey guys,

Let me start off by saying until the cr update I had no interest in dts but since I started I cannot stop (not because of the rewards but because the competition is exciting).

Anyways I'm never a fan of using someone elses deck I get enjoyment out of making it myself. That being said I want your input on my new dt deck, everytime I've tried (3 times lol) I've made it into the top 150 (35th 66th and 90th). And I'm in no way a decent player I give myself a average at best so I'm seriously curious how well this deck will do in the hands of some of you professionals.

please rate (up or down depending on what u think) and comment if you want to give me any info

thanks smiley

offline Growing WMD Titan  
Tuesday 17/04/2012, 17:27

Uppers are a great clan to get you in the top 150. A decent batch of cards that get the job done. Zatman truly isn't worth all the clintz especially with the penalty. He is just a fun card to play with.
Some suggestions are:
Substitute blanca for mickey T. He wil not get you many wins with his low power. He is just useful in a rare no pill battle.
Think about including Hugo, perhaps for Stanford. Power vs power is tricky to play with and he isn't as dependable as Nellie.
During play go for 2hko. That way you maximize your points by getting more games in. Either you win or loss fast. Points are all that matter.
Try tow win the first round. Then you will have total control over the match. You can go for the 2hko the second round, if you are up by pills you are guaranteed the win. If you are down by pills they will not see it coming. If it does last till the 3rd round its due to your lost which meant your opponent pilled, which gives you the advantage with the -10 attack.

This is all speaking from extensive successful involvement in DTs.

offline Kanuck Master  
Tuesday 17/04/2012, 22:06

Thanks for your input Growing I responded to you on my preset I'll def give a few things u mentioned a try. But my strategy is spot on to what u suggested but its situational ofc I def have problems with sob clans which I believe is understandable with skeels decks

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 17/04/2012, 23:46

Interesting deck. It could do well though Mickey T and maby Stanford could be changed to Wendel and Pallack.

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