offline Boing Legend  
Friday 22/06/2012, 11:20

Slimmer, taller, more efficient, and more costly! These are the unique features of the new Sakphone 25G developed by Dobbs Ld. Who would have thought being able to phone to the end of the universe while playing intergalactic ping-pong with the same device would generate such interest? Be that as it may, the Sakrohm are now counting on Dobbs Ld's new invention to fill their coffers…
Dobbs Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before July 22th.

offline BZwade15 Veteran  
Tuesday 26/06/2012, 04:57

@tititoro depends on the player, i for 1 enjoy doing more than 4 missions i love to get missions done it just gives me a goal to do i was just implying that there is no reason to complain over 5 missions 1 more than the usual, heck the damage mission is 200 usually its around 350

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Tuesday 26/06/2012, 04:58

New cards: jungo jellyfish ability poision 1 min. 0

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Tuesday 26/06/2012, 09:06

@hobbyham, is this just a card you came up with? And if so, you'd best of a 6/2 for ulu watu, as a 2*. Why? Jungo has hystrix... Which is essentially all they need(and besides, tonsof other 3*'s outrank him(the most notable are nyema, and scopica. I perspnally would go rodney over him too)). Poison 1 min0 isn't really that good. Better than nothing, but still not the best... Jungo really only needs 4*'s with legitamite damage. What have we now? Benecio, hopper ld, sylth, niva, buba, and psylo pretty much as the viable choices? True their bonus can give them 6 impact(with the exception of sylth), but i honestly jist want onewith nicestats. Wonder if UR would deem an 8/6 backlash a viable 4* option... I'd say that if x-odus can have 7/6 and a nice ability, why not? It's not gonna be a 2nd-coming of jackie cr or anything...

@bZwade15, given how UR screwed up t1 and how many are upset with elo, people have pretty much only done type extended, survivor, and deathmatch, half of UR has become a wreck. The Ld's will at least provide people with a bit of a sidemotivation(and hey, we practicly get about 10 credits every re-run ld), so quite honestly you might as well. Survivor, dt, and elo have prizes if you are skilled + lucky, but since it's rather uncommon to do you might as well grab credits. If the approximate 3 months til crs pattern works, lets think. Lets say that's about13 weeks. If when the skeelz ld comes out,. They revert to old ones every other week, that leaves roughly 6/7 weeks for LD hunts. Lets say thats roughly 60 credits. Thats enough for 3 packs. When Cr's come out, you have a small chance of getting them... But if you get it, you can sell it, and spread out your cards. 60 ld creds later, you do the same, and since you got all those other cards before... you have a higher chance of CR's(okay, that may be inaccurate... The longer it takes to get credits the more cards that come out, meaning if you cant keep up with the releases, more and more cards enterthe CR timeframe...). However, point in case is you get credits, then clintz, then cards... And the clintz and cards, and so on. Seriously, who would want to risk free credits?

offline BZwade15 Veteran  
Tuesday 26/06/2012, 09:55

@tititoro good point

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Tuesday 26/06/2012, 16:50

Hey i just want a jellyfish in jungo with poison idc about the power or strength just want a jellyfish.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Tuesday 26/06/2012, 21:52

@hobbyham, a jellyfish is just sorta awkward... I mean, in jungo, itd be relatively useless, unless if it can beat out hystrix or sylth... Although tge chance with sylth is highly unlikely. Jungo isn't in need of a poison. However... I suppose it would be versatile as an Ulu watu. Besides, since nearly all cards in this game are based off of something as a parody, what would it be based off of? The only recognizable jellyfish I've ever seen were from spongebob...

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 26/06/2012, 23:21

Doesn't have to be a famous jellyfish. Could be a parody of some well-known swimmer portrayed as one.

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 04:47

Uh the jellyfish in finding nemo is a great starting point.
The jellyfish in the movie shark tale is an even better idea.

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 04:48

And ability support poison min. 1

offline wats_happenin Titan Casual Grind
Thursday 28/06/2012, 07:01

Please don't do + life missions in deathmatch again UR...ugh such a painful,tedious process

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