offline Firestorm191 Hero  
Saturday 28/07/2012, 09:29

This may be a stupid question to some, but does winning with lower * cards against higher * cards still give you more points? I'm thinking it does, but I'm not too sure because it doesn't say anything about it in the DT section of the Game Rules. Thank you!

offline ctm54321 Senior  
Tuesday 31/07/2012, 01:45

It doesn't have anything to do with cards on the board. If I understood the rules correctly, it's bonus points awarded for having fewer stars in your entire deck, not just your hand. I may be wrong though.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 01/08/2012, 13:25

They have change it to the ammount of * in your deck. "A win with fewer stars in your deck than your opponent’s: +1 point per star. Max 5 pts."

offline Firestorm191 Hero  
Wednesday 01/08/2012, 22:11

Okay. Thank you!

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