offline MoB_Joyce Hero  
Saturday 04/08/2012, 04:41

Zhu Tang

Any suggestions on how I should improve it?

offline 5ar G Guru  
Saturday 04/08/2012, 20:31

This is alright for mono fang pi. But unfortunately playing Fang Pi Clang mono in ELO doesn't pay off. Instead try pairing them with another clan. Pussycats are a great choice because of synergy that 2 clans bonuses have. This comes from Fang Pi user. I have them mixed with my Sakrohm, and it is working awesome. Chan, Kusuri, Zhu Tang, Zinfrid + Petra, Jautya, Murray, Anakrohm (switch to Uranus when he is unbanned). They have some really nice cards such as Chan, Kusuri, Zhu Tang which make a very nice low star half deck. So my point is try to mix it with another clan.

Hope I helped smiley

offline MoB_Joyce Hero  
Sunday 05/08/2012, 23:23

Thx! gonna write them down
what pussycat cards are good for elo?
and also what do you think of Shifou compared to Zhu Tang and Ralph? i heard that Shifou made Fang Pi more usable

offline 5ar G Guru  
Monday 06/08/2012, 00:37

I haven't used Shifou yet since I am waiting for his price to fall. Compared to Zhu Tang and Ralph. For my gamestyle Zhu Tang is a staple due to his game breaking ability. I'd choose Shifou instead Ralph for sure. smiley

Pussycats has some really nice cards for ELO such as :
2* : Lucy, Wanda, Brittany
3* : Muze, Cherry, Noemi
4* : Ditha
5* : Charlie, Ditha, Louise smiley

offline GvnOva Master DirtyTwo Card Pickup
Monday 06/08/2012, 03:52

Pussycats is quite weak against SoA and they work better with sakrohm . Using 2 clans without attack/power manipulation is hard to win .

You could use FPC with Bangers , why ? because they both have lots of SoB/SoA cards with great stats, you can make a deck like this :
Beeboy Randal Loocio Graff
Futoshi LD Shifou Ralph Kusuri

2 copy opp's bonus
2 SoA
1 SoB

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