offline kadeshill Veteran  
Thursday 04/10/2012, 18:20

I looked at the pattern of last releases of cards and there should be new cards for newbloods tommorow. is that correct?

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator Harbingers of Ares starstarstarstar
Thursday 04/10/2012, 18:29

It is correct new cards are released every other week. (Tommro being one of them). LDs are re-released the other fridays.

offline KillerYuri Hero  
Friday 05/10/2012, 00:10

Just saying, Berserk really need a playable card!

offline UM-Eppic Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 05/10/2012, 01:01

I say Vortex Uppers and two other clans Bangers Junkz maybe

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