offline vvv3vvv Master StompingGround
Thursday 11/10/2012, 19:47


We don't just win, we stomp you into the ground.

My name is vvv3vvv and I welcome you to join Stomping Ground.

Stomping Ground is a brand new guild welcoming all global players. French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Australian...It doesn't matter. New or Veteran Players JOIN UP!

There is no level requirement because this is a brand spanking new guild and we are looking for men and women of all ages and skill.

There is only ONE requirement.

The only requirement is to win and to find ways and information to keep winning. I don't like losing and neither should you. Isn't that why we play this game? So join up and keep the streak going.

And if by chance you do find yourself on a losing streak, this guild is the place to be. Ask questions, learn the games, get cards! Then get back on your feet and start stomping!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope to see you on our forums.



offline LiteninMckwen Veteran  
Thursday 11/10/2012, 21:55


Good luck. smiley

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 12/10/2012, 03:32

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