Monday 12/11/2012, 09:48

Who said you needed Junkz/Uppers/Montana/Sentinel to win a DT?

Well, I've experimented with some other clans:

Elephantastik, my Mono Jungo DT deck has won 8 DTs since last month.
Potential Difference, my Mono Skeelz DT deck has won 1 DT today.

Tell me what you think, or give me another challenge as to what to play for DT! smiley

Monday 12/11/2012, 16:05

Nice decks. I saw your Skeelz deck earlier today and I didn't really think much of it, but obviously you proved otherwise. Maybe it was because I didn't particular take a liking to Logan, although I may try him out sometime. Interested to know if you would replace Praxie for Andy Ld (if you have him).

In any case, I would be extremely interested if you try DT with mono La Junta. Seems to me that a lot of people are saying that going mono La Junta is hard.

Monday 12/11/2012, 20:50

Thanks for the tip smiley I do think Andy Ld is better in most situations, however, I do not own him yet smiley and I am still trying to finish Praxie's mission smiley

Tuesday 13/11/2012, 07:11

Do Pussycats next smiley

Tuesday 13/11/2012, 12:15

Next challenge Rainbow deck. smiley

On a more serious note, how about trying Mono Freaks only?
Great job! smiley

Thursday 15/11/2012, 01:06

Well, I've tried Mono Sakrohm this time, and on my first try with Saber of Light :
1st DragoRoyal from guild E X C A L I B U R with 702 battle points won 3 636 Clintz + 1 Credit.

There were also many Mono GHEIST, due to Jaxx Ld missions, however, it was not difficult in dealing with them smiley I'm thinking Mono Roots next to counter these GHEIST smiley

Thursday 15/11/2012, 02:24

Can you do a Berzerk deck next

Friday 16/11/2012, 07:09

Well, I can try, but not sure about the cards smiley

Friday 16/11/2012, 18:39

These decks are solid smiley

Saturday 17/11/2012, 03:25

I've tried Mono Roots and Mono Ulu Watu recently, however have only placed in the Top 5 smiley


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