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Saturday 24/11/2012, 09:07

As stated in the title, I'm trading my beeboy(s) for your clover(s). I priced my beeboy to be at 16k(ea) while clover to be at 9k(ea), and therefore, here's the rate I'm offering - 4x beeboy for 7x clover - My beeboy(s) are at full exp, and I'm willing to trade for any exp of clover. If interested, hit me up with a message and a secure trade, and I'll get it dealt with immediately.

*I'll only be trading the above combination ONCE - As usual, on a first come first serve basis - Which implies that I'll have a trade with one person on this, and the deal is close. And if you're still interested in my collection of beeboy(s), most likely I'll have it up for trade for other cards, so do keep a lookout for it. Thanks.

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