offline ss1134 Hero wicked souls
Sunday 23/12/2012, 09:58

I want to trade my jungo and a few ulu watu for alec cr

not looking to break up the lot just want a straight trade.

i have

1x adler 0xp
2x ashiko full
2x askai 1 full 1 0xp
1x benicio 0xp
1x boohma 0xp
2x borss 0xp
1x bragh full
1x buba 0xp
1x cheep 0xp
1x chill 0xp
2x dagouba 0xp
1x eduardo full
1x eggman full
1x elea full
1x gerald full
1x greow 0xp
1x hystrix 0xp
1x jalil 0xp
1x jean 0xp
1x mindy 0xp
1x nahema 0xp
1x niva 0xp
1x nyema 0xp
1x odile 0xp
1x psylo 0xp
4x radek 0xp
1x ronald 0xp
1x scopica full
1x scotty 0xp
1x somba 0xp
1x sylth full
1x wendy 0xp
1x bree full
1x buck full
1x gabrielle full
1x gaia full
1x nanook full

all of those for alec cr
please pm me for a fast response.

offline ss1134 Hero wicked souls
Monday 24/12/2012, 09:22

Still looking pm me with things to make the deal better i have some ulu watu left

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