[Sell/Trade] Different lots

Sunday 23/12/2012, 21:58

I would prefer to trade these lots for different cards I don't have.

4 Shifou 4.5k each
1 Thorpah 11.5k
4 Hriger 4.3k each
2 Clover 9.75k each
6 Naele 11.5k each

Total of 135,200 so 135k

Cards I will accept (not the only ones)
Dalhia 64k
Lizbeth 50k
Shaakarti 31k
Ahkab 29k
Marina 23.5k
Hikiyousan 20k
Selma 14.5k
Niva 13k
Bloodh 10.75k

Thanks mods for posting :D

Monday 24/12/2012, 13:18

9 Naeles now! And the prices can be negotiated.


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