offline UR_Genie Senior URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 23/12/2012, 21:58

I would prefer to trade these lots for different cards I don't have.

4 Shifou 4.5k each
1 Thorpah 11.5k
4 Hriger 4.3k each
2 Clover 9.75k each
6 Naele 11.5k each

Total of 135,200 so 135k

Cards I will accept (not the only ones)
Dalhia 64k
Lizbeth 50k
Shaakarti 31k
Ahkab 29k
Marina 23.5k
Hikiyousan 20k
Selma 14.5k
Niva 13k
Bloodh 10.75k

Thanks mods for posting smiley

offline UR_Genie Senior URBAN MADNESS
Monday 24/12/2012, 13:18

9 Naeles now! And the prices can be negotiated.

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