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Tuesday 25/12/2012, 03:16

Hello, I am selling all of my Ulu Watu cards wich are:
Bree 2.2k
Coraille 200
Douglas 160
Eddie 1.9k
Fanny 1.7k
Felicia 500
Gabrielle 6k
Gaia 2k
Gaia Noel 2.8k
George 600
Ice Jim 120
Janice 460
Jeff 140
Joao 1k
Kirk 850
Lin Bee 120
Lucia 1.5k
Lulabee 4.7k
Mac Hen 130
Nanook 4.7k
Numar 45k
Nympheea 400
Oraya 11.8k
Orlando 140
Rass 640
Razon 240
Reef 190
Sandy 120
Serena 9.3k
Shayna 10k
Tafa 120
Taigo 360
Tanaereva Cr 267k
Ulawele 190
Warren 110
Wee Lee 23.7k
Zack 850

All values are at market price and together they are roughly 400k clints. I can sell the cards individually as well. If Interested message or reply to this thread.

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