offline -- U3-LAW -- Hero GLI INTOCCABILI
Sunday 30/12/2012, 22:46

Hi all smiley

trade/sell my General Cr 0xp for about 11M200k

I'm looking and accept:
- Lao Cr Max 1
- Dragan Cr max1
- NDololo Cr Max 1
- Marlysa Cr Max 1
-Armanda Cr Max 1
-Tessa Cr Max 2
-Jackie Cr Max 40
-Vickie Cr max10
-Lamar Cr Max 10
-Kerozinn Cr Max 10
-Caelus Cr Max 30
- Blaaster Cr Max 40

Offers can be sent my pm if you want but please be sensible I won't sell him for stupidly low amounts

Thanks mods.

offline HL__Angela__ Legend  
Monday 31/12/2012, 03:52

5 splata cr 0xp
5 lamar cr 0xp
10 blaaster cr 0xp
10 jackie cr 0xp

u value

and tell me please u value for u cards u want

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