We are a group of hard working players who prefer quality over quantity .We all work together in improving each others game in all formats smiley.We have seasoned veterans in all formats in our ranks with the likes of BA_Mihir having reached 325+ DM wins and many many more others smiley,which is an added benefit, as we our able to provide one and all with proper and worthwhile advice which would help you even furthermore improve your game.
Our message boards are active with topics ranging from serious discussions on all new happenings of the game to small time gamessmiley
At our, guild we strive to make you feel as if were an extended family of sortssmiley
Being in a guild such as ours, is guaranteed to be benefactial for you, what with all of our advice and help smiley
There are also gifts and rewards as such for active players or those who have special achievments.

Recruitment : *OPEN*/Closed

Well our reqirements are not highsmiley
But what we need in you is:

=>Primarily, you should be an active player of the game, that is, you should be able to squeeze in atleast 3-4 days of playingsmiley Though this is not a binding requirement it would be nice beneficial for all of us if you do smiley
=>Being active on the message boards is a must
=> The most important rule or requirement is that no one can use abusive words in guild chat room

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