Monday 08/04/2013, 03:13

Here is what I have... Mix and match and pm me.
This is the only unplayable collector I am looking for now.
Only looking for 0 exp.

I value Selsya Cr 0 exp at 150k.

I have...
30 Haaken 0 exp
200+ Desmond 0 exp
100+ Titsouk full/0 exp
200+ Bertha full/0 exp
1 Uranus full exp
10 Sah Brinak full/0 exp
2 Coby full exp
32 5* pfulls

Alternatively, I can buy your Selsya Cr 0 exp at 135k clintz via private sale only. Nothing more.

Wednesday 10/04/2013, 02:19

Still looking smiley


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