offline misterliyum Master  
Tuesday 09/04/2013, 16:54

As title says, I'm a returning player, not my first account but I've got a decent setup on this one. I'm mainly a DT player, seem to have grown allergic to ELO since it changed from 12 to 14 life. I've been an on and off player since, about '07-'08 I guess. Currently running a mono-sent deck, have everything aside from the CRs and ELO bans after cleaning house on my old Skeelz setup.

Anyway, as for what I'm looking for in a guild:
-english as a main language
-Not huge-ey-ish or whatever, just something average sized
-Doesn't have a demanding BP req.
-lively message board

offline Scarface 010 Senior  
Tuesday 09/04/2013, 18:33

Please Join the Valcorve Guild!!!!!! We really need members, I know you want an average sized guild but we really really need members!!!!

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Clint City, day.