offline rhypher Veteran Non Compos Mentis
Saturday 25/05/2013, 04:52

Hi guys been trying Roots/Freaks combo and it seems to work great (currently 1313)

My Deck: deleted

Question: What do you think about Ojibway in ELO??
IMO He's great

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 25/05/2013, 12:51

Ojibway is okay, but I wouldn't use him because Simeon is generally better. Also, his purpose (first round threat) is covered neatly by Gretchen at one star less.

offline rhypher Veteran Non Compos Mentis
Sunday 26/05/2013, 04:10

Okay thanks

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 26/05/2013, 13:36

Interesting deck. i would personally change Ojibway to Simeon.

offline Thai_231 Veteran 3LO MA$T3R
Tuesday 28/05/2013, 09:57

I have to agree with WMDuessel that Gretchen is a very effective first round bluff card, people tend to pill at least 4 or 5 pills when they saw her. However, from my point of view, Gretchen is best for the second round, after the first round defending. If you win 4 or 5 damages in the first round (normally 4 damages) with a few pills, play Gretchen in the second round will put your opponents in a 50-50 situation (of course we dont need to play all in), while if you lost the first round, and get some pills advantages, we will have more pills to spend on Gretchen as well as make sure that your opponents cannot dodge the healing as the limit of Gretchen ability is quite low.

offline Taxt1271 Imperator  
Tuesday 28/05/2013, 19:08

Ojibway to Simeon, but I also am not a fan of Ellie. She looks alright on paper, but she's difficult to use in practicality.

She's restricted to two of four rounds thus she's predictable and she's also destroyed by SoA clans which are popular in ELO. Not only all that, but she's hard to hit with even when you have the opportunity. Seven unaided power isn't that good. Look at her clan competition. Rico has attack manipulation, Noodile Cr has one more power and damage, Yookie (I know he's perma-banned, but still) has DR, Gertjan has major attack manipulation, Jeena has DR. See a pattern? She's the only one that really doesn't fit as far as practicality goes. Even their best ELO five and four star cards (Simeon and Tuck) have power and attack manipulation.

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