offline 0_Less Senior  
Saturday 29/06/2013, 03:57

Hello today i am auctioning my dj korr cr full xp which i value 10m in cards or if you provide a minimum of 4m in cash then i will drop his price to 9.8m
1. no over valuing 0 exps
2. no unplyable cr's
3.I only accept lots of cards if they have a "*" next to them (no more then 20)
4.I accept as many as you have if a card has "**" next to them
5.I have the right to turn down an offer in this auction (obviously)
6.this auction will end on july 5th at midnight pacific coast time

Cards i'm intrested in : no more then 10 of each unless starred
kolos 33k/35k
cortez 32/35k
kalindra 34/36k
* graksmxxt 35/38k
ongh 38k/40k
* uranus 19/21k
* cooper 23/25k
Dregn 29/ 30k
* shakra 17/ 20k
* wee lee 16k / 18k
* dorian 1618k

Collectors i am intrested in : no more then 1 of each unless starred
* tanerava cr 200k/ 205k
** jackie cr 135k /140k
** caelus cr 100k /105k
kerozinn cr 415k
tessa cr 575k
vickie cr 435k
lamar cr 460k
Guru cr 8.8m
Cr's that i will accept up to 5 of ( not a high priority)
Blaaster cr 75k / 80k
robb cr 40k
chiara cr 14k
all trades will be done in Secure exchange

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offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Friday 28/06/2013, 19:41

You over valued Dorian 1618k

offline 0_Less Senior  
Friday 28/06/2013, 19:50

Lol Dorian 16k/18k smiley

offline elite cr Novice URBAN MADNESS
Friday 28/06/2013, 20:48

6 dorian

offline xc is bad lul Guru E X C A L I B U R
Friday 28/06/2013, 22:04

Elite cr. forever a joker.

offline 0_Less Senior  
Saturday 29/06/2013, 04:57

Reserve met this auction is closed early smiley

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