Sunday 30/06/2013, 02:07

Im useing Ayah right now.

Sunday 30/06/2013, 02:39

Thorpah because of his Pillz Manip. plus his stats are solid enough for me..

Sunday 30/06/2013, 11:17

Thorpah or Rad.

Sunday 30/06/2013, 11:41

Rad is awesome

Sunday 30/06/2013, 11:46

SOB is probably more useful than 8 power in this particular clan, so Rad over Thorpah would be my choice in a Frozn deck, but Thorpah is good too. Also, Frozn have very low base damage as a clan, so having Rad in there for the extra 1 damage might be useful.

Sunday 30/06/2013, 20:18

Rad's SOB is really helpful.

Monday 01/07/2013, 18:52

Rad is easily the best 5 Star
SOB is more important to me than some pill manip in a clan weak to it
Thorpah vs Ayah is once again a matter of utility.
People can usually accurately gauge how many pillz you will put down on say Thorpah but Ayah
Ayah is a whole nother story as to when she comes out and how to stop her. Her synergy is incredible and she opens up more pathways than Thorpah ever could.


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