offline 1san Imperator Black Sea Piranas
Monday 01/07/2013, 19:03

I don't really know about you guys, but I play mono Junkz quite a bit in ELO. What I always find if that the clan has many 4 star cards that make you think, but they lack in the damage department... and it's very noticeable when you play them mono. Also I'm not saying this clan doesn't have good 3-4 stars, because they have awesome 3-4 stars....just not ones that can dish out decent damage.

Now they do have a few decent 3-4 star cards with over 6 damage, the main highlights are: Crystal, with 4 power that makes here 7 damage nearly impossible to get through, and Rowdy, who probably isn't coming off the staff ban list anytime soon, and Berserkgirl...who I myself would never play due to her being very unstable.

When I look at the other Attack Manipulating clans, they all have some pretty fearsome 4 stars in ELO. Just look at Kazayan, Nellie, Coby, Harvey, Valentina Ld, El Gascaro, El Zombino, Moses, Jautya, Ngrath, Anita, Benson, or Daussone.

So what do you say about this matter, I know that the Junkz have many pill related cards that the other clans don't, but surely the Junkz deserve one decent damager!

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 01/07/2013, 19:12

Don't forget the awesome Bunny with her massive 8 damage. And awful 3 power.

But yeah. 7/6 or 7/7 4* with Backlash -1 or 2 pillz, min whatever.

offline ZeroChuck Titan Renegats
Monday 01/07/2013, 20:16

Play Junkz in a bi clan. 1400 can be made easily with Romana, Tremorh, Qubik, Flanagan

offline ZeroChuck Titan Renegats
Monday 01/07/2013, 20:18

And you combine them with a day clan (Uppers, La Junta, Berzerk) and voilà, no more damage issues.

offline LW-Daimore Guru  
Monday 01/07/2013, 20:36

Junkz make a perfect pair with Sakrohm: just add Jautya, Ngrath/Nimestiec, Petra, Aleister/Uranus to the list Chuck suggested above and you'll have amazing damage potential.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Monday 01/07/2013, 21:20

Junkz can also work surprisingly well with fpc (kero, zhu tang, ralph).

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Monday 01/07/2013, 21:47

A Berzerk half works great with them.

offline 1san Imperator Black Sea Piranas
Wednesday 03/07/2013, 04:54

I just really enjoy mono though. Perhaps even thought Junkz is my favorite clan, it's time to move on to the rescue...

offline BK-Stillborn Titan  
Wednesday 03/07/2013, 05:13

Z4KALW3 +1 junkz are also nice this week with sakhrom

offline Ex Zuk0o Guru Les Externels
Wednesday 03/07/2013, 06:19

Junkz/AS is good too smiley

i made my recrd with that.
fuzz,flanagan, romana, tremorh, marina, saki, randy/karen and jessie

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