Monday 22/07/2013, 05:43

I'm trying to post my mono Skeelz deck for ELO, but whenever I do, people keep giving it a negative rating. How can I keep my presets from getting low scores?

Monday 22/07/2013, 05:57

By making a good preset. smiley Not that I know what you are using, but your deck may simply not be very good.

List your cards here and people will give suggestions. Otherwise with what you've told us, you'll only get responses like my first sentence. smiley

Monday 22/07/2013, 05:58

As a Skeelz player I would suggest that you make sure there abilities will work together and they have low damage cards then some clans so going have with the Skeelz and another clan will work also. and ik its hard running Skeelz mono especially in elo and cause people don't see the talent they have in elo or people just hate the Skeelz clan period. send me the link to your preset and I will try too help you

Monday 22/07/2013, 06:02

Come to think of it, the simple fact that the deck has not already been taken probably means you're using 1 or more sub-par cards. The 'well-rated' mono Skeelz decks already exist as presets.

Monday 22/07/2013, 06:09

Yes your right but there are some forgotten cards that are still good in todays meta-game like Manfred, Carter, Chwing, Deebler, and Damian

Monday 22/07/2013, 08:21

That's the deck I was trying to post. It has 150 rating, but when I posted it earlier, it had -90 rating.

Monday 22/07/2013, 08:31

I take back what I said. There's nothing really wrong with it, you've got the staples. Tomas and Andy Ld can be changed due to preference, but they're fine. smiley

Obviously low in damage output, but that's common with mono Skeelz.

Can't say it deserves a negative rating. smiley

Monday 22/07/2013, 08:37

The same reason you see negative ratings on perfectly good Youtube videos.

People do it, just to do it. There's nothing YOU can do about it.

Maybe it makes them feel good about themselves or something. Don't know, mad world.

Anyways, preset looks good to me smiley

Monday 22/07/2013, 18:27

Lol wow nice deck I like that setup and yea as JO3SHMO mono Skeelz have low damage and I might copy that preset for next week and good offensive a defensive deck I like it smiley smiley

Monday 22/07/2013, 19:01

Sadly people just do it like Colossal says. i allways green face even if the deck is horrible atleast that way the player can see my comments on it of how to change it.


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