Saturday 14/09/2013, 04:54

is a secret lair in Clint City whereby only the brightest mind could find and have access to it. It was rumored that was a legendary stronghold in the World War in Clint City and its existence is a myth. Not much is known until... now.

In , we offer a good environment for quality players - casual or not. EVERYONE has a voice and say in this guild. We VALUE every single member once you join our family. smiley

Requirement to join : (at least 2 of these)
-> 1400 Elo
-> 20 Ext Sv
-> 15 ELO Sv
-> 700 dm (must show it with a screen)
-> at least 1 dt win (must show it with screen)
-> Have won at least 1 event and won a prize worth at least 100k.
-> Being at least Lv 100!

Contact ANYONE of us for entry/visit. smiley

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Wednesday 25/09/2013, 02:56

Not many can achieve this feat, CAM. winning a cr at a very low top. smiley

Wednesday 25/09/2013, 19:50

Cyber for president

Friday 27/09/2013, 07:43


We're still recruiting!

Sunday 29/09/2013, 17:27

Join up! smiley


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