[Sell/Trade] robb Cr Alec Cr ombre Cr nahi Cr

Tuesday 15/10/2013, 17:25

Hi all smiley

- i want trade or sell my Lot :

1.- 60 Robb Cr : 57k/each

2.- 3 Alec Cr 0xp : 183k/each

3.- 2 Ombre Cr : 232k/each

4.- Nahi Cr : 181k

5.- Melissa Cr 0xp : 350k

I'm looking for the following cards:

CR Full : tanereva cr Vickie Cr Kerozinn Cr Jackie Cr Marco Cr Edd Cr Smokey Cr Kenny Cr Kalindra Cr e altre

Cards of 10K in up : Kolos Dregn Coby Marina Uranus GraksmxxT Dagg Olga Cortez Copper Hawk



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