Thursday 10/07/2014, 20:01

I want some Charlie and graksmxxt in my collection.

So i'll give u several trade to get them.

For Charlie (Full or 0xp) i don't make difference.

1 Charlie for 11 Baby Q full (also have Baby Q 0xp, pm me)
1 Charlie for 2 Marina 0xp + 1 Baby Q full
1 Charlie for Striker 0xp + Marina 0xp
1 Charlie for 2 Dr Copernica 0xp
1 Charlie for 6 Avola 0xp
1 Charlie for 13 Wanda 0xp

For Graksmxxt (0xp or full)

1 Graksmxxt for Marina 0xp + 2 Avola 0xp + Baby Q (0xp or full)
1 Graksmxxt for Striker 0xp + 2 Avola 0xp
1 Graksmxxt for Dr copernica 0xp + Octana 0xp + 1 Avola 0xp
1 Graksmxxt for 5 Avola 0xp + 1 Baby Q 0xp

U can pm me if u needed other card..

I Have 2 Tessa Cr (full and 0xp), 1 Splata Cr (lv4), lot of Riot card (check my sales)
That's all smiley

Thursday 10/07/2014, 20:03

Oh yes..

I have lot of Baby Q (0xp or full) so if u want some for Graksmxxt it's ok too

Thursday 10/07/2014, 21:59

Splata gone, i take only 10 Charlie more.

I add 1 Baby Q full to all offer, enjoy it when it's possible smiley


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