offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:14

We've already told you that we were going to see how things would be going with the secret voting system about possible changes in ELO mode. And that's exactly what we’ve done.

Firstly, we’ve decided to leave the voting system as it is. It works well and should work even better in the future with characters banned thanks to votes.

We've checked voting results and the most frequently played characters in ELO stats.
We've decided to permanently ban 5 characters: Kolos, Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah.

Kolos is permanently banned because it was obvious that you did not want him in ELO any more. He’s been banned nearly every weeks since the voting system release and we thought it was pointless to keep on using your votes against him.

Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah have also been frequently banned by your votes so we thought that these permanent bans would offer a fairer game.
Admittedly Ratanah was banned less often than Shakra but we calculated that her ban would greatly help in reducing the Roots' dominance while still making them playable. Whereas Shakra’s ban would have left the Roots with very strong chances of building powerful half-decks for a reasonable amount of stars.

We didn’t want to ban any All Stars or Piranas (Smokey or Striker, for example) even if they were concentrating a large part of votes. We figured out you would be more free to vote and decide by yourselves which characters need to be remove from ELO.

Have fun !

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 00:56

Anyway, I love how people are overreacting.
I prefer Urban Rivals as a strategy game rather than a game dominated only by powerful cards.

I'm PRO-Banning and I am very interested by this development. Hopefully, this is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the meta-game.

offline 0WattZ Veteran TRiNiTY
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 00:57

This is some bull ! why bann hawk ???? that was the senitals only chance !!!!smiley

offline iGraff Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 01:12

Why are people complaining? most of these cards were ELO banned by the users themselves most of the time.

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 01:17

I don't understand why users with Titan/Legend status are complaining.
You have a lot of cards to choose from! Have you thought about building an alternate deck?

Heck, I'm just a "Hero" and you don't see me complaining. smiley

I also don't understand why users are saying this clan or that clan is useless. My thoughts? ALL clans are BALANCED now. (or at least semi-balanced)

offline Milly_tp Colossus THE_POWER
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 01:22

I actually lost faith in the new ban system after all the nonsense bans and the system allowed the truly broken cards... Zatman, Lehane to roam free while banning perfectly balanced cards like striker. I actually like the old system better. With a few more perma bans a ban system may not even be necessary anymore. The staff is doing a great job of choosing cards to ban ( unlike the regular system) Keep banning!!!! Also with a good new release Ulu Watu may have a chance ahain to be useful. They just need a good 4* but keep getting crummy 3*

offline xc Sting Legend E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 02:22

Well Ulu Watu has so many good 3* mb they don`t need good 4* smiley

offline Dr_Bob Senior  
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 02:46

I just love how the "experienced players" think they're all that. (not all of you, of course)

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 03:04

Will Freaks dominate this time around?

Only time will tell. smiley

offline TnT_Mathwiz Imperator  
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 03:22

Yeah Freaks needs a Sylth-like card that instead of poison each round, the user gains +2 life per round or something. maybe a 3* 7/2 Heal +2

offline 0 Anderson Imperator Time Conquers All
Wednesday 09/09/2009, 03:38

Im only at a disadvantage to the ratanha ban... i can still p[lay in elo but ratanah was big for me.. i guess there is still shakra but i liked having shakra and ratanah as a combo...

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