Thursday 11/02/2010, 11:04

Hello all,

Some adjustments and improvements have been made on the site :

- Now you could see your stars on your profile on the left (if you have some of course)
- Stars are instantly activated, you won't have to wait after the results of a DT.
- The fifth star (or DT star) can also be earned by ending in the Survivor top 5 (day, week, month) or by being in the ELO top 100.

I remind you that stars are activated only if you have purchased credits within the last 31 days.

Corrections :

- First name and last name were needed in the contact form ( but it wasn't indicated. Now it is.
- A glitch concerning iphone players who could be ban from the Market has been corrected.
- A glitch which was banning some iphone accounts has been corrected.

Soon : the flash version will be updated with some optimizations reducing the use of your computer performance. It should also correct the black images glitch.

Have fun ! smiley

Monday 30/08/2010, 18:10

Maybe they'll make a Japanese community some day. I know that I'll play in it if that ever happens. smiley

Tuesday 31/08/2010, 15:53

UH. I just lost a sure win match because of the lag. I timed out >_> Fix pls smiley

Wednesday 01/09/2010, 22:54

With the new update for the iPhone it now freezes when I sell cards on the market

Thursday 02/09/2010, 17:39

Why wont it let me sell cards for the price i want? i can only sell cards for a low price.

Sunday 05/09/2010, 17:48

How come the site keeps on coming service unavailable, i keep getting dc and losing?

Monday 06/09/2010, 00:41

We still need an Android app, it would be awesome to play this game at my phone.

Monday 06/09/2010, 03:12

I'm going to say this before a moderator does: If you want any suggestion considered, send a message directly to staff at the following address:

Wednesday 08/09/2010, 01:24

I found some glitches in ipod touch/iphone newest version of UR

1) When I sell cards in the Market or to Kate the game freezes which is very annoying

2) Whenever my opponent times out it says IT'S A DRAW where it should say YOU WON..I'm not sure if the BP is equivalent to a draw or not but...when I see it it just feels wrong..

3)Sometimes when I click on Missions to look at my missions it just exits the app instantly...

hope you guys fix this..just want to point out glitches to make UR bettersmileysmiley

Wednesday 08/09/2010, 22:42

point 1 i agree
point 2 i havent seen yet happen
point 3 it does that yeah

and besides all that i am wondering if the approval for getting the new packs into the App
are near to completion i am really not happy with the selection i have now still in the old fashion smiley

on the whole : excellent update, i like the new staff updates of new releases and all that really much
and also the XP reserve and option to skip the silly info in battle is a featyre much needed and now fact

thanks a lot smiley

Tuesday 01/02/2011, 03:35

Just chiming in that I switched from the iPhone to Droid yesterday...sad to see there's no apparently for this.


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