offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 19/02/2010, 15:12

Hello all,

After the last optimized version a small update has been made today and it's already available.
All the wonderful and amazing corrections and improvements you'll find in it :
- new display of the missions list and of the match result
- new animations at the end of the fight
- some fight incons and sounds changes
- a sound will be played if you are about to timeout
- the clan tooltip glitch is solved (it wasn't possible to see the clan name by clicking on a card, now it is)

Have fun smiley

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Monday 22/02/2010, 17:35

I think a good update would be a button to see your profile like you see other peoples. For some reason I like that set up alittle more and when I want to compare info it would be a lot easier to find. Heck maybe just a compare button that shows yours and the other persons info side by side. Maybe different colors to show's who's who.

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Wednesday 24/02/2010, 12:03

"I think it was shadow council who suggested the sound at time out, he'd be really happy to see this, gotta hide it somehow or all the people who laughed at the idea will get it in the face *looks around*"

Heh. Excellent.

I'm not a fan of DT, so sorry if my suggestion (if it was my suggestion) ends up ruining your play. If it's a massive deal there, I'd love to see this kept for Elo, lost warehouse, and other modes where time isn't an issue.

So far it's saved me from timing out a few times, I'm far too easily distracted...

Cheers Fraggle! smiley

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Wednesday 24/02/2010, 12:36

I didn't think it'd take you so long to find this update thread shadow, and yes, this is a good update, but the thing i likes the most about it is the result bar, helped me heaps when i was training some cards, i don't even turn the sound on, too much distractions from thinking

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Wednesday 24/02/2010, 14:12

"I didn't think it'd take you so long to find this update thread shadow"

I only noticed the feature this morning (apparently I've been paying attention more lately!), and as soon as I did I came hunting for the notes to take the credit! smiley

I love the new updates. Cheers! x

offline yk-lyss Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 25/02/2010, 05:53

I love the new updates! Just one thing, when I win say by two hits, it displays my unplayed cards as "defeated" smiley

offline Ian_WCH Senior Working Class Heroes
Thursday 25/02/2010, 11:50

I was wondering of you could give a free card for ur fans on facebook?

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Thursday 25/02/2010, 13:48

No? this is not a charity, they probably will not do it

offline Skittish Colossus Open Casket
Friday 26/02/2010, 01:09

Love the timeout sound, saved me yesterday when i forgot i was in a fight

offline Edon EG Imperator  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 10:10

I think theres a bug in the forum

offline Zincomega Titan THE_POWER
Sunday 28/02/2010, 16:42

"I think theres a bug in the forum"
Which is...?

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