Tuesday 18/05/2010, 03:53

Whats the best elo clan i here its Piranas but i dont know and also can someone reccomend some elo decks for me

Sunday 04/07/2010, 16:14

That top three is nowhere near accurate, imo.

Piranas are one of my favourites, but they're nowhere near the top used or top scoring. Pussycats are far from it, too.

The top three would most likely be:

All Stars, GHIEST, and Bangers, with Skeelz on week that Caelus is free.

Sunday 04/07/2010, 16:27

Oh well, smiley


Wanda *1
Gwen *1
Yayoi *4
Charlie *4
total: 10 stars

Tyd *3
Smokey Cr *3
Hawkins *2
Tula *2
total: 10 stars

Well looking at the cards, they may not be top three, but they are what I use to support making them the best since they never change. smiley

Sunday 04/07/2010, 16:34

Nah i don't think there's a best clan in ELO, but personally i think AllStars and Uppers but that was when Zatman is playable in ELO.

I did 1400+ with that deck, still the bottom line is the strategy in using your cards.. smiley

Thursday 05/07/2012, 01:46

Attack manipulators = low attack
Damage manipulators = low damage
Power Manipulators = Low power
SOB clans = good abilities bad power and damage
SOA Clans = good abilities, handicapped by SOB clans.
Skeelz = Good against SOA clans, average against rest.
Vortex = Pill recovery means more pills used to carry out more attacks, basically attack manipulation combined with good power. Bad damage and screwed against SOB.

They all trump each other in a sense, forcing the decisions the players make, and how good you can read your opponent to be the soul way to win. some clans are better then others in certain aspects, but in the end anyone can take the W in elo, thats the best part.

Thursday 05/07/2012, 03:42

All are just equal. Except for some Clans what I mean is mostly unused in ELO. (FPC for example)

Thursday 05/07/2012, 04:04

Uppers are the best smiley

btw this is a 2-year-old thread smiley

Thursday 05/07/2012, 18:16


Saturday 07/07/2012, 21:10


Saturday 07/07/2012, 23:28

Could be necro'd, but this discussion is a timeless question so not that bad? Tbh i'm still interested in knowing what everyone thinks is the best clan in elo smiley

Sunday 08/07/2012, 02:57

Should have made a new thread then, because the ELO metagame two years ago is so different from what it is now.

Also, necro'd on the same day two years after. Coincidence? smiley


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