offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 18/05/2010, 13:52

Hello all,

We’ve just made a new Deathmatch update. No need to report us problems you had before this update if they are in the list below. Of course, if you keep on having the same problems in spite of this update, then report them to us.

The persecution penalty decreases from -10 to -5 points (we like the idea but we also understand that it can be a pain).

The glitch which was throwing us out of DM room and make us join the Fight Club (teleportation glitch) is solved.

The bonus points gained after 4 victories in a raw are reduced from 20 to 15. But the run doesn’t stop there, you’ll keep on wining these 15 points after 5, 6, 7 victories, etc.

New bonus : if you are the first one winning a match in a DM (10 points)

New bonus : if you win a match after a run of 3 or more defeats (15 points)

New bonus : if you make a player lose while he/she was having a 3+ victories run (15 points)

New bonus : if you beat a higher lever player (5 points)

the timer per round is 15 seconds shorter.


offline AJ_Cooper Veteran Elysium Aether
Monday 31/05/2010, 11:01

You shoudn't allow the banned cards in ELO because you give BIG advantage to all the players who own them and they will always win the Deathmatches!!!

offline art633 Senior  
Monday 31/05/2010, 11:50

I really think that the prizes should include credits... maybe something like in survivor mode? best daily DM scores would get additional credits

offline SlyViper Titan Open Casket
Monday 31/05/2010, 21:47

Is this inspired by mw2?

offline Dennis1012 Titan TRiNiTY
Monday 31/05/2010, 23:29

But perm banned cards need place to be
other then survivor which is only for 4 or 5 star banned
where else would you see card like zetman ?
dt you get deducted
elo banned
survivor gets beaten

death match is perfect place to use thoese cards

offline offwithherhead Titan  
Tuesday 01/06/2010, 01:45

Has there been another change? I just won 2 in a row and only had 100 points...

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 01/06/2010, 02:10

Hmm I don't think so maybe you didn't realize that you got a +20 points.

I don't think they would make another change without informing the players.

offline Warren-G Master  
Tuesday 01/06/2010, 08:53

+3 credits 1st place +2 credits for second and +1 for third place would be amazing

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Tuesday 01/06/2010, 09:37

@mixican: wont happens, sorry. There will be no credit to win in DM.

offline TheTopHat Veteran  
Tuesday 01/06/2010, 12:08

Fraggle is right.. people would rather play DM than DT if that would happen.

offline jerromy Hero Legends of the Dark
Tuesday 01/06/2010, 19:07

The beating a higher lvl player i kinda dont like all the rest are good.

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