offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 24/06/2010, 10:39

Hello all,

If you live in Philippines, you'll discover a new and easier mean of payment available in the Shop : MOL. You have to create a MOL account first to buy MOL points.
You can buy some online or thanks to E-pins available at 7 Eleven.

Have fun !

offline Jesuela Titan  
Thursday 23/09/2010, 09:44

Ok naba eto? smiley

offline eihyan Veteran Redemption Guild
Saturday 25/09/2010, 08:25

What is the conversion rate of mol points to credits in UR? about how much does it cost or how much molpoints is needed if im planning to get 420 credits?

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 25/09/2010, 09:07

420? just multiply it with the current dollar-peso ratio and you will find how much is it?
ow 1 peso=1 MOL point/ssmiley

offline 0asimple-TCGA Senior  
Saturday 25/09/2010, 09:26

Hi fellow Filipinos! I was just wondering.... How many credits can you get with 2 ultimate game cards? (Sorry if wrong forum, i just don't know where to post this....)

offline Taga-Pasay Senior Team Pilipinas
Tuesday 05/10/2010, 22:03

Once we purchase MOL points to buy credit, does it remove the limit for selling cards?

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 06/10/2010, 05:15

@taga pasay definitely yessmiley

offline ImmortalCrtl Senior  
Wednesday 03/11/2010, 04:38

50 credits is about 130pesos

offline jazz016 Senior Akh'Velarh
Friday 26/11/2010, 16:06

Sa netopia ba sa SM sta mesa meron....smiley

offline Taga-Pasay Senior Team Pilipinas
Saturday 27/11/2010, 18:09

Hi, i forgot my MOL account password, & even my security question. can i set up instead using different email address? or i really have to call MOL Customer Care Officers at +(603) 2082 1222? is 603 country code of Algeria?

offline Taga-Pasay Senior Team Pilipinas
Saturday 27/11/2010, 18:40

Or Malaysia?

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