offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 04/01/2011, 16:39

After several months of testing and successive Beta versions, we’ve finally officially launched the new version of the Flash game client. Totally rewritten (in ActionScript3 rather than 2, for those of you who are interested), this version is not only more reliable, faster and safer, it also allows us to add new features more easily.
We’ve done everything in our power to ensure you don’t feel disorientated when moving from the old version to the new. However, some of the options that were active by default will no longer be available. The purpose of this guide is to tell you about what’s new, what’s gone and the options available on this new version.

- The menu on the bottom left in the list of players has been replaced by an “exit game” button.
- The info of % from the collection has been removed from the lower screen bar.

New features:
- Players’ photos appear in the list of players and during the fight.
- (Optional) animations for the effects of the abilities between rounds (life wins, poisons, etc.).
- The (optional) display of the “free” Pillz and processing of this in the counters.
- Indication of the time left in a round in minutes and seconds.
- Button allowing you to pass from normal mode to accelerated mode to display animations.
- Pillz played in the previous round will be displayed.
- Descriptions of the characters, clans, abilities and bonuses will be displayed directly in the game.
- Addition of the directly usable XP in the end of fight summary.
- Addition of several different types of music depending on the clans visible on the ground.

What is the “free” Pillz?
The “Free” Pillz has always existed. It’s the Pillz that is added to your character when you play him or her. In the previous version of the game, if you had 10 Pillz on your counter, your character could have a maximum of 11 times its power (10 Pillz + the start-up Pillz). So in the previous game when you were calculating the number of Pillz your opponent could play, you would add “+1” to the amount displayed on the counter. The discrepancy between the information displayed and the actual information has always bothered us, which is why in the new version, the game “shows” you the free Pillz in the counter so you no longer have to add 1 when making your calculations. The figure displayed in your opponent’s counter is the exact figure. The game system hasn’t changed. We’ve just changed the way the information is displayed.

If you are bothered by the free Pillz being displayed:
Although we think this new display is an improvement on the old version, we realize that veteran players, used to the old system, might be bothered by it. If so, don’t worry. Simple go to game options (the little button on the bottom left during the game) and deactivate the free Pillz display. You will then return to the previous system. We do however advise you to give the new system a try.
Hello all,

If you think the game seems “slower”:
As we’ve added animations to certain stages that were previously invisible, the game may seem slower than previously. But don’t worry. If you’re in a hurry, you can deactivate most of the animations for an overall speed that is faster than the previous version. Once in game options, the best settings for optimizing speed are: activate “speed up fight animation”, deactivate “inter-round animations”. Tip: you can hit the “enter” button repeatedly to validate pop-ups and quickly go back for another round.

Have fun smiley

offline iXerox Imperator  
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 06:36

Very nice it and love it..smiley

offline Fanta Pants Guru TRiNiTY
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 06:53

I would also like to see a feature where if u cannot win the game makes u leave this would save so much time on both sides for a dt

offline Freak In Town Titan  
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 06:58

Feels very bad, may look very "flashy" but now on my Mac G5, there is a bug when the game has finished. It stops loading for next fight after winning or losing a battle. Please reconvert to the older version

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 07:25

@MYCHEAL and a lot of other people, you do know you can turn off a lot of the stuff you're complaining about right? The extra intro screen no, but the show extra pill and show ability effect can all be turned off.
With all that checked/unchecked it's pretty much the same old game. Also it's been said before that the old version is limited time. You guys might as well play with the new one and get use to it because you will have to sooner than later.

offline MathMaz Guru Zona Zero®
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 07:29

I like it.
Like very much people i messed up with the extra pill stuff but it can be disabled so ok.

Just sometimes it just gets stuck and don't load(it fixes easy just re-entering the room, but I think it's something to care about).

And it's just so great that just pressing enter you can jump all the pop ups and so(it could be done in the old version as well, but it was great too).
Is it just me or it'll be great an alternative way to play, only using the keyboard?

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 08:13

LIKE THIS smiley

offline Nkkhtn Titan Immortality
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 09:29

It's terrible, lots of unessecary animations that slow down the game.

Stuff like the timer where you can actually see how long each person has in minutes and seconds was long overdue, and the extra pill was a stupid system from the start, and showing that this pill actually exists still only really partly fixes what is actually failure from the beginning.

The change in XP is good, and being able to see your reserve after each game is also good. Music was always something urbs was missing, but it's pretty bad music.

Overall, it's not what I was looking for. Slowing down the game is just Bad. Some god features, but not worth the slowing of the game.

Oh, and it looks sooooo much uglier too. How did that happen?

offline Tikikala Veteran  
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 10:11

If you want to use the old version, before you enter the room Look under the button that says something like enter room...
you can use the old flash smiley

offline Elissa_TUK Guru  
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 11:38

I love the new version... but i keep getting critical errors after a match which means i don't get the points/clintz awarded.... is anybody else having this problem?

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 05/01/2011, 11:43

Elissa_TUK: you are not the only one, do you have any idea of a way to reprodhuce the issue systematically ? (we haven't experienced it ourselves)

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