offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 28/01/2011, 14:47

As of January 31st 2011, Copper, Bridget, Rolph, Rowdy, Lou, Shann, Emeth and Oshitsune will join the list of characters permanently banned by the staff in the ELO mode.
This month will also see the launch of some new experiments in ELO. During the weeks to come it will no longer be possible to play “semi-evolved” characters in this mode. In addition to this, the starting life points in the ELO room will be set at 15.
If these changes prove to be successful, they can become a permanent feature.

You’ve been asking for a more strategic ELO mode with a less decisive chance factor (on cards draw and pillz).
Semi-evo cards appeared to be a big advantage for those who can afford them. We’ve hesitated quite a while on banning them because we didn’t want to deprive you of using some interesting and balanced semi-evo characters but there are just a few of them compared to all those which can skew the game. From now you’ll have to fully evolve your characters if you want to use them in ELO.
Regarding the life points rise, it will prevent the easy two-shots and then reduce the domination of high damage characters. They are still important in this mode but they won’t be able to win the match too easily now.
It’s still a test. Don’t hesitate to tell us your feelings about it on the forum so as to make the ELO mode satisfactory for everyone.

offline ChaosTheoryUltr Imperator  
Friday 28/01/2011, 21:16

Ok well it has all been said about how without Copper Sentinals are toasted and banning Lou was a bad idea. The rest I begudgingly agree with. Dont like it but cant avoid it. The new rules... not liking. And its not because they unfair but because they kill La Junta and FPC who's only stratagy was 2 hit ok's (for the most part). Also SIDE NOTE: By making the heal cards with such low mins and raising health in ELO this makes any chance of them working usless. Doesnt it? I mean the new ones may be better but if you put maxs at 6 and 8 there effects will never, never get activated. Needs serious reconsideration UNLESS the UR staff have some sort of grand vision and are farsighted with this.

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Friday 28/01/2011, 21:21

So if this stays, loads of cards with great -life abilities will probley get permi banned, with no unbans.

offline Inferno-MOB Hero  
Friday 28/01/2011, 21:24

WTF u can't ban copper no perm vann copper will kill sentinel and they were just starting to get good with the release of kamaruka

offline Storm007 Titan Army of Elite Mercenaries
Friday 28/01/2011, 21:35

I gotta agree with all the new changes, they bring some more diversity into the game i think, more ways to play, and to me most of them seems balancing. We'll see after few weeks of testing, so i don't think we need that panic that's in some posts. Give it a try, people.
Cheers to admins for these changes, bringing some fresh air into game.

offline Jungo SR_OC Hero  
Friday 28/01/2011, 21:39

Still no new missions

offline wsn_gosu Titan  
Friday 28/01/2011, 21:47

I'm sorry but the semi-evo ban is just totally unreasonable... It takes away an important part of the game

offline DjGSP Titan Time Conquers All
Friday 28/01/2011, 21:49

I like the new perma ban... though Bridget (i don't think many use her)
Well i think they should perma ban Blaaster, Selma and possibly more

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 28/01/2011, 22:01

Hmm after banning cards that are essential to clans like Smokey Cr, striker and Wanda, more cards are being banned. Rowdy, Lou, Emeth, Rolph, Shann and Copper. This now makes 3 completely usable clans, Vortex, FPC and Freaks.

And to top that, there still are staff bans and perma bans. This is preposterous, many clans were weakened last time this happened now to add to it some of the clans that are easy to play with for beginners like Junkz rowdy? If this is supposed to help newer players have a chance.. well it would really help much.

On top of this, Copper, Rowdy, Shann, Emeth, Lou, Rolph and Oshitsune are frequent cards in DTs and some newer players are saving up to get them but they now have a -2 penalty? How are we supposed to make essential 2 hit Ko decks if some of the best cards for DTs in their clan have a point penalty.

And 15 life... well this ruins the game completely for me, Sigma will be the queen of elo now and freaks will have some light sure, but it is now making the game way more complicated than the simpleness that many players enjoy.

Semi evo cards... yes they do help like Deebler and Vermyn N but they were manageable, I never used them and I still was able to advance against them with ease. Now that I could afford them, I just find out that they are out too?

I'm terribly sorry but this is a ridiculous update and I completely am against this. Like I said before, I enjoy the simplicity of UR and that contributes to why I play it but now it's gone o.O

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Friday 28/01/2011, 22:47

Copper was just immediately replaced by Owen in like all my decks. Yeah, Owen has less power, but now he does even more damage than Copper thanks to the life gain. Whoot.

I think that Jungo just replaced my FPC and Junta. Jungo was already in the life differences game, now Junta and FPC are going to struggle with the 2hko.

offline krokmithaine Titan La famille de Don Vincenzoo
Friday 28/01/2011, 23:14

We need 2 ELO rooms: good old fashion ELO & testing lab ELO. I think it is the simplest and better way to make everybody happy again. Changing is nice but better add possibilities than replace formerly good gamemodes.

And by the way I also agree with @steve-087 proposition for testing more than 25* ELO decks together with life change.

removing semi-evo doesn't really make sense. But doesn't hurt too bad either (I'm not rich smiley ).

The only major problem is banned characters. Please create ELO friendly alternatives for some clans. I never play Roots, rather Piranas (smiley no bans but Smokey smileyiratesmiley, but i can understand frustration from some players. The issue lies more in the lack of choice left than in the bans directly. Because let's face it there are some new cards releases that make no sense. For a Pirana example smileysmileysmiley why creating Puff 2* in a clan that possesses already Tula, Hawkins, Hawkins Noël, Spycee with soon the killer Bonnie Ld (plus 3 other shitty 2*)? I'm happy coz' i play piranas and Puff is a great wall, but imo some other clans are much more in need for ELO playable cards.

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