offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 25/02/2011, 11:15

Fate sometimes takes strange turns in Clint City.
Long before his tentacles grew, Otto used to love eating Karmov’s cotton candy and while visiting the zoo he would linger for hours in front of the walrus enclosure, never guessing that one day Eggman would become the zoo's new keeper!
With regards to Zhu Tang, the Fang Pi with the cursed sword… no, Otto has never run into him and that’s probably just as well!

offline HotShot888 Guru  
Friday 25/02/2011, 19:22

Eggman is pretty much -2 dmg. min -1 (yes, minus one, because they can do only 1 damage, then you gain 1) once you win with him

I can see him working mighty fine with Freaks. 4 life gap every turn smiley

offline HotShot888 Guru  
Friday 25/02/2011, 19:27

Eggman is pretty much -2 dmg. min -1 (yes, minus one, because they can do only 1 damage, then you gain 1) once you win with him

I can see him working mighty fine with Freaks. 4 life gap every turn smiley

C Rain-Teller:

As I said, he recovers 2 life every next turn. Sure you could use Pegh or Niva.. But winning is them is neither easy nor rewarding. With Eggman in play, every card becomes a DR and very often you'll be able to just all-pill in second round and be sure you'll win.

However, as his minimum is 12, he is not made for ELOLOL.

I still think life should be changed back

offline HotShot888 Guru  
Friday 25/02/2011, 19:32

Also... It seems that Eggman suddenly has a yellow 'stache on the last level?

Oh, please tell me it's a spoof of Dr. Eggman smiley

offline PhaserhawkLoA Legend  
Friday 25/02/2011, 22:38

I think it's safe to say with Eggman's release, that 14 life or more will be the standard, I disgaree with some of the posts, this is a decent release minus Otto. Otto if in Sakrohm would have been good, now he is more a hate GHEIST card. Zhu Tang will be a staple in a clan that is plenty on the 5 and 4 stars but hurting for 2 and 3 stars, seriously just bring back Marsalya Cr. Karmov is average, not great not terrible, Eggman, he will be intersting to see play out. At worst he is a 7/4 for a 4 star, not terrible, not great, average, but with his ability, it will be very difficult to beat an opponent if he land Eggman early, not to mention he is in Jungo so you have +2 life anyway to deal with, solid release.

offline -Harkonnen- Senior The Debauchery Tea Party
Friday 25/02/2011, 23:36

Eggman and the Walrus are a reference to Lewis Caroll smiley

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Saturday 26/02/2011, 01:16

I must say this is a good release
every card is pretty useable

otto is an ok card, everyone should know the problem with damage = opp is SOA
and skeelz bonus close those gaps, so his 1 damage is not even a problem
to boot, he has 7 power which is high for a level 2 card

karmov is a pretty good card
I don't know what people will say about him, but this card has potential
this card same as piotr? no he is not
for me, piotr is more suitable as a finisher rather than use him at round 1
while karmov is a pretty good opening card
this card will give your opp a pretty high pressure. while piotr or any other card in freaks can deal up to 9 damage
if you can hit karmov in the first round, without against any DR, SOA or SOB:
+2 life to you, -3 to your opp, poison 2 every turn = 6 damage
karmov can make up to 11 life gap

Zhu tang is also pretty good
this card has pretty solid power, even though SOA hurts him, but his potential to deal 12 life gap is pretty amazing for a level 3 card
I might use this card over sayura, rei and yu mei if I do not aim for 2 hit KO deck (which is perfect in ELO right now)

eggman is a pretty good card too
a good counter for freaks, it's just UR team do not want it too OP and give him pretty crappy stats, which is only 7/4
but I understand that even with 7/4 stats, this card has a pretty big potential
against SOA, this card become a 3 star..
this card definitely takes the spot for 4 star slot in my jungo half deck (buba for mono)

offline cabbange Guru Limit Break
Saturday 26/02/2011, 17:24

I think it's a little odd the way new ELO has made zhu tang a great card because he's helping his clan toward a strategy that isn't so reliant on 2HKO's, but it's also made Karmov a little less useful. A few weeks ago I really wanted the freaks to get some more life gain because that was back when their poison's minimum was a massive drawback for them, and life gain would have allowed them to raise the life gap without bringing the enemy too much closer to their minimum. But of course now that there's 14 life in ELO, the freaks can make better use of higher damage (piotr for example) and don't need karmov quite so much.

offline IM_Poj-Poj Guru  
Saturday 26/02/2011, 19:34

I dont agree with your example that piotr is better because of more dmg then karmov, becuase more dmg only means that freaks hit their min. on poison faster, so the point of the poison bonus becomes worse with dmg. so i would love too have alot of +life char in my freaks deck insted of -opp life!. (hitting with small dmg and gain much life would ensure that you get the maximum out of the clan bonus) on the other hand.. karmov is not GREAT, but thats only because freaks got so many great 3 * already

offline CaptainRmoney Titan  
Saturday 26/02/2011, 19:45

Why is the character page all leafy? is it just decoration or is it suppose to be a sign for something

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 26/02/2011, 22:04

An ok release,but big props to whoever made the opening story to the new blood release yesterday.Absolutely loved it! Hope to see more of those,and less of the generic stories that usually accompany most cards for debuts.

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