offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 17:17


The moderators currently online have seen dozens of reports come in in the past hour. There is definitely something odd going on right now, yes. The admin staff is looking into it. I expect that it will resolve itself in a little while, but in the meantime, here are two quick fixes that I hope will help:

1) Go to, and make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed.

2) Clear out your internet cache. (How to do so depends on your browser.)

Log out, then log back in. That fixes most tech issues. If that doesn't help, and you've LOST something as a result, you need to contact Customer Support, via the green ? tab in the upper right. (If you haven't lost anything, and it's simply an annoyance, please be patient, and let the admins work their magic. ;-] )

Also - Keep an eye on here the Staff Announcements. The admins will post when the glitches have been fixed, or provide an update with further instructions.

Good luck, and thanks for your patience!!

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Friday 06/05/2011, 11:05

@genghistron. if you haven't noticed, the time interval between your fight is too wide. If you don't play for some time, your count gets reset. Read the rules:

"In the middle of a series, you can suspend play for a maximum of 30 minutes in a row. After 30 minutes, you'll automatically receive your Jackpot and will be reset to a new Survivor. 'Playing' means finishing your battles, not just staying in the room."

offline GTron_MoB Guru Masters of Battle
Friday 06/05/2011, 12:40

Ohh I had no idea there was a time limit. Thanks.

offline Vader_Hater Titan B.A.Y
Friday 06/05/2011, 18:01

Collection pro broke only white screen when i try and seperate my cards by clan to form a deck seems like their is a lot of problems with this new collection pro update i dont even know what its does other than make collection pro not useable

offline Lola_LOA Colossus Legends of America
Sunday 08/05/2011, 19:07

I keep loosing over 1200 has been days and i get clintz and then they just disappear..what's up with that? can you fix it?

offline American Dude Colossus  
Thursday 12/05/2011, 20:24

My problem is the same as vader hater

offline Shadow 4D Titan The Fourth Dimension
Saturday 14/05/2011, 15:45

@Martian. I've had the same problem I saved up about 103,000 clintzs. Went to buy a Jackie cr. It then said this card is no longer for sale so I brought Alec cr for around 98,000. My remaining clintz disappeared and ever since my clintz keep fluctuating between a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand! So I lost around 5,000 clintz. Does anyone know why that is?

offline Alcaeus Titan  
Sunday 15/05/2011, 07:33

My Collection Pro doesn't work either. Same problem, I get a grey or white screen when I try to click anything. Really bums me out, I liked using it.

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Sunday 15/05/2011, 10:33

Im having both of the problems mentioned above. though i think the clintz one has sorted itslef out now....

offline 0 Anderson Imperator Time Conquers All
Sunday 15/05/2011, 22:33

My 'My Collection pro' doesnt work either. it just is grey when I click another tab

offline The Maver1ck Legend Harbingers of Ares
Monday 16/05/2011, 10:23

Having same problem with "My Collection Pro"

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