Tuesday 29/03/2011, 11:54

Hello all!

Images in relief is the old dream of a thrill-seeker mad-doctor.
The theory is old and from now on its application is possible!

For this special occasion, the top 5 collectors have been entirely remastered and will be visible in 3D!

The All-mighty collectors will spring up from your screen during fights for a thrilling experience!


Have fun smiley

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 11:59

Awesome smiley

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 12:19

What type of 3D glasses do you need to make it happen or is it not that type of 3D. smiley

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 12:47

Can't imagine this O_o but it's awesome smileysmileysmiley

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 14:29

Sweet. Shame most players wouldn't be able to see it.

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 15:19

Bah, I don't own a pair of 3D shades smiley

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 15:24

Will the top 5 jump out of the screen into my collection though?

That'd be a trick...

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 15:38

I hope it doesnt make Big 5 from very very hard to buy to very very very very very hard to buy smiley (well they are almighty so they deserved that)
Another surprise from UR smiley (but i must admit i am kinda dissapointed by this announcement smiley for the reason above), well just think positively and hope UR will applied it into all card in the future
another note : i hope it didnt make UR becomes slower smiley

smiley welcome to 3D era smiley

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 15:43

Wha tabout the legendary cards or normal ??
they aren't going to be 3D?

Tuesday 29/03/2011, 15:53

This is great and all,but im perplexed as to why the big 5 got a digital refurbishing and people with Vickie Cr ended up with the short end of the shaft and got some fugly car wreck of a card for an "upgrade"?


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