offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 11/04/2011, 14:35

Hello all !

So as to offer to event organizers more possibilities, two new features have been released and are available right now on the event administration tab ( ).

Accept random players:
This new features allows you to fill all available room in your event thanks to a random selection of players waiting to be accepted. If your event has no limited number of players allowed in you can specify it. This tool takes into account the number of players already allowed in (manually or not) your event.
IMPORTANT: the selected players will be allowed in your event and those who are not selected will be automatically refused!

Refuse all waiting players:
This tool will let you empty the list of players waiting in two clicks. Of course you’ll have to confirm this action so as to avoid accidents.

If you meet some problems with these tools, don’t hesitate to report them to the customer support.

Have fun! smiley

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Monday 11/04/2011, 14:40

Should make events more simpler.

offline NeoNoire Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Monday 11/04/2011, 20:52

Great additions, as usual.

offline PriMinizZzTA Colossus TrAitorzZz
Saturday 16/04/2011, 16:58

Thanks for the additions !!

now to make lotto's more easy and simple

plus also any luck based part of events where a is used to determine the winner

can you guys look into integrating that option in the events themselves ? TY smiley

offline Yurieu HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 28/04/2011, 00:21

cant wait to make an event

offline Dragon11 6 Colossus Masters of Battle
Thursday 28/04/2011, 04:15

What about fixing the way events are ended? That's one of the most major problems organizers come accross. Since most people don't win, they don't vote as asked. Thus events are often left with less than 50% and never closed. This needs to be fixed.

offline arcueid_14 Imperator  
Thursday 28/04/2011, 18:56

If ur remove event vote system,there will be malfunction of event,scamming.
imagine 1 person making an event then put some entry fees and got some donations
prize : the winner takes all jackpot n donation
,and the event creator then create multi and win that event and since he doesnt need majority approval its really easy to do (i believe ur applied it to prevent this)
i know its really annoying to waiting in uncertain times smiley but it will be more annoying if ppl use an event only to scam and gain benefit for him/herself smiley
maybe lower minimal vote to 25% + 1 or 33% + 1 or just like dragon idea if certain times had been passed after event closed then the prize awarded automatically

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