offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 15/04/2011, 11:58

After having tried out various partners, it seems that Crassus has finally found the perfect assistant. Bikini Joe Ld arrived in town full of expectations and hoping to make everyone cry…with laughter. And perhaps with the support of the other Freaks he might at least one day manage to stop crying!
Bikini Joe Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before May 15th.

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 16/04/2011, 09:51

On top of Lara's suggestions:

make the cards unique, as in something the clan doesnt have... freaks already had an effective protect:bonus and rescue already had effective dr's

in my eyes legendary' should be:
-not overpowered yes not overshadowed (like bella Ld)
- on par with some staples but unique, something new to try out with the clan (e.g +life in montana clan or +pillz in jungo etc)
- hard(ish) to get...they are a reward for players who put effort in, and while i myself will admit it gets boring doing lots of missions, the end product is worth, it just to know you are one of a few who have the card....not one of the whole community like with bikini joe Ld

thats not asking alot, just refining the term Legendary to mean something.

bella - completley overshadowed by sharon is every aspect, without the condition would have made her MUCH better...while not making her too powerfull
kreenk - i like, hes not OP not UP just usable in his own right
bonnie - this is why people complain about Ld's, you went overboard on the OP-ness of this card. tut tut tut
dudley - like kreen, he is usable
gail - good example of where Ld goes right
scott - usable yes, unique, not in a million years.
bikini joe - i like hiim, but he is just too easy to get!

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 16/04/2011, 10:15

@ magus
some LD missions Can be Done in Training rooms except for a "win X fights using this Clan"

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 16/04/2011, 14:23

I'm so sick of people saying legendary cards shouldn't be over powered, I can understand Urban-rivals mistaking the words 'legendary' with 'pathetic' it's easily doable in today's society but now almost everyone has rightfully pointed out that these cards are not 'legendary' but in fact only for collection purposes and they still release another card that looks like it's biological father was Bob Joby, stat wise.

I'd like to remind you what happens when you don't listen to people who actually play your game, you get an 'ELO situation' I don't think the 'ELO situation' needs explaining, you can see the damage you did when you had one of your amazing ideas and when through with it. Hows about you listen to your players this time and actually release something 'legendary'?

Will this comment go through? No because I'm M-bison and my freedom of speech on forums went out the window.

Meh true hurts.

offline ManOfLuckHoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 16/04/2011, 14:49

could u guys help me out with this

offline arcueid_14 Imperator  
Saturday 16/04/2011, 16:27

Somehow i think the best mission set will be like Bonnie LD, only 1 spesific card is needed, it just feel more fair for me since newbies also have possibilities to earn LD, i know the price will inflate but there are possibilities they have card required in their collection

player with more complete collection can use Dalhia, Smokey CR and Hawkins ; on the other side ppl that cannot afford them can use cheaper substitute (like andsom and Hawkins Noel) smiley
and also doesnt involved ELO in there (bella LD), since ELO need more spesific deck, and not everyone can make ELO deck (and win by using that deck smiley)

some ppl will feel proud to have card although some ppl will think its a fail card smiley since ppl effort different one from another

since UR is a game, let just think it as a game, i know some business involved in UR, but at the end, UR is a game which main purpose to have fun

and also Ld mission make some card "abandoned' being used, who would think card like Twyh, Denise and Hawkins Noel will be used frequently (and can be deadly if being used properly)

and also i am always believe every card have its function, no matter how bad its stats smiley

offline mihalll7_UM Event team URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 16/04/2011, 16:27

So that's why I was overspammed with Freaks with Twyh on top yesterday

btw, just won 28-0 using Freaks/Jungo

kinda dissapointed with the missions
just 4? looks like a joke...

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 16/04/2011, 19:13

"kinda dissapointed with the missions
just 4? looks like a joke..."
Well he is a clown..

offline Hammer-TCA Titan  
Saturday 16/04/2011, 20:21

I wish all LD cards required extensive missions. The last two were way too easy to get. It kind of spoils the fun.

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Saturday 16/04/2011, 20:28

Agreed bison, shocked your post got accepted.

offline -yuuko- Veteran  
Sunday 17/04/2011, 09:37

Yup, its pretty easy these new missions.
but for people who keeps complaining about them, hey you know what they say be careful what you wish for
if I remember correctly doing the unmodified dudley missions were hell to do

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