offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 10/06/2011, 12:07

Kreenk returns, determined to tag every wall in Clint City. This time round he’s offering us some Conceptual Tagging: he’s planning on decorating the town with caricatures of Polit officials dressed up as rappers. His sprinting abilities are certainly going to be put to the test!!Kreenk Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before July 10.

offline Lady Cereza Colossus KEEP THE SMILE 2017
Wednesday 15/06/2011, 16:27


offline ivy Mogan Senior  
Thursday 16/06/2011, 02:00


offline EZwinningS2N Imperator Second 2 None
Thursday 16/06/2011, 02:42

I hate these missions theres no fun in a pointless challenge

offline sirshad Senior  
Thursday 16/06/2011, 08:12

Love it

offline HHM-Hershey Senior  
Friday 17/06/2011, 04:25

You can't call these cards legendary because the missions are so easy that almost everyone can get them all. The collectors are harder to get than the so called "legendaries" so whats the point of them being legendary cards and why not just call them mission cards

offline TNTgoBoom Titan URBAN MADNESS
Friday 17/06/2011, 05:57

You gonna eventually gonna allow these cards to go up for sale after every clan is represented and each card has had at least two showings?

offline K3U Hero  
Friday 17/06/2011, 07:58


Taken directly from Legendary Missions:

- They will never be available in the shop and they cannot be sold or exchanged on the market or in private sales and auctions.

Friday 17/06/2011, 08:52

I never understood why these cards couldnt be sold or traded.

Either way, i'm glad the missions are doable for the average player, I love UR but only get to play maybe 20 games a day, its its great to know I can actually complete these if I try hard enough! Thank you UR staff!

offline Blue_Muffin Master  
Friday 17/06/2011, 10:11

I think the LDs used to be LEGENDARY when the missions were actually difficult to complete. Now they're a lot more simple and really easy.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Saturday 25/06/2011, 11:10

So.. no new LD or old LD come back this week?

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