offline Bloodsid3 Titan Legends of the Dark
Tuesday 21/06/2011, 16:13

I have 8 clans [all got 4 cards] which ones should I use for survivor?

Bangers: Shann, Vermyn N, Kreenk Ld, Lucas
Freaks: Olga, Grudj, Oren, Baldovina
Ulu Wata: Wee Lee, Shayna, Stanly, Buck
Nightmare: Azgroth, Oshitsune, Ielena, Ghumbo
La Junta: Bryan, Trish, Naginta, Emeth
Piranas: Ahkab, Andsom, Dalhia, Selma
Skeelz: Tomas, Eloxia, Chiara, Caelus Cr
Montana: Don, Sharon, Fabio, Tino

HELP ME!!!!!!

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Tuesday 12/07/2011, 12:16

The thing with survivor is you can change decks.I had 15 wins with a Morphun pussy deck.But I.m constantly designing decks so that I have a wide selection at my disposal.Things like Ld mission can seriously change the rooms,and some players will be very desperate to get the new Lds.So you can easily pick up on their play style. Specially if you have already done the missions yourself.

offline MaxiV-LU Hero LA UNIION
Thursday 14/07/2011, 03:32

@smokey_WMDev you can't know what is good in survivor, you only have 6 wins record

offline MaxiV-LU Hero LA UNIION
Thursday 14/07/2011, 03:36

Anyone who has ever won more than 10 games in survivor knows that clans like La junta are not good for it, why? BECAUSE YOU ARE PLAYING WITH 8!!!!!!!! PILLZ
You need a lot of cards with dmg reducers and attack modifiers!!!!!! and La junta doesn't have them.
If you ever win more that 10 games you will understand.

offline MaxiV-LU Hero LA UNIION
Thursday 14/07/2011, 03:38

Plerase, learn to play before commenting serious things, roots are horrible for survivor t2 if you don't have Kiki Cr

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