Need help starting out

Thursday 21/07/2011, 23:42

I'm going to start Survivor but i need help with a deck if anyone know one with these clans: Roots/Nightmare/GHEIST/Bangers/All Stars/ Fang Pi Clan i don't have any Crs but i'd like a Type 1 but Type 2 will do to if you can help plz

Friday 22/07/2011, 00:51

Mono Nightmare is a good start.It will keep things simple.I use a them with the GHEIST to take advantage of SOB and SOA.At level 45 you should have most of the Leader cards so experiment with those,but Ambre is nearly always favoured.Just try a few things out.All the clans you mention have potential in survivor.You could also give us more clues by listing cards you have or decks you have made?

Friday 22/07/2011, 01:24

Under 20k plz

Friday 22/07/2011, 02:03

I have most of the best GHEIST cards but i need to know like some of the best Nightmare cards to get. I Don't have any good Nightmare since for some reason i sold them for something... so i should get a Nightmare deck with Ambre and test it out then get back to you?

Friday 22/07/2011, 16:01

Ok i have these Nightmare cards that i think is the best i have: Arawaka, Azel, Dieter, Edwin, Estalt, Glorg, Mawpin, Nistarok, Oshitsune, Pan, Russel, and Sargh. is there any others i could get that will work... i'm thinking about Ghumbo but i'm not sure

Friday 22/07/2011, 20:01

If you have good GHEIST then why not try them out with a Leader? Oshitsune, Kolos, Ghumbo and Nistarok are amongst the top Nightmare T2 cards.Glorg is ok.As for your smaller Nightmare Sargh,Pan, Mawpin Edwin are great cards even Dieter I Don,t mind.

Saturday 23/07/2011, 00:54

I don't have Kolos thats the problem his to much right now....

Saturday 23/07/2011, 15:02

Ghumbo works if you don't have Kolos.

Bangers were very dominant in T1/T2 to begin with and now they have a new monster card in the name of Fixit. Abuse it.

Saturday 23/07/2011, 21:12

Everyone will so lets join the club smiley


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