offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 07/09/2011, 13:42

Hello all,

After one month of votes, the time has come to discover who you have chosen.
Unfortunately for you, the new Miss Clint City has requested to remain anonymous until her official appearance...
Her request has been received loud and clear by her subordinates which means you’ll have to wait a bit before knowing her name.

Here are the names of the three finalists. Can you guess who the big winner is?


We look forward to seeing you on October 3rd to discover who the new Miss Clint City is.

Have fun! smiley

offline Solitare X Master  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 00:32

I mean i already new who the top 3 were i want to no top 2 once i no top 2 im satisfied

offline Solitare X Master  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 00:34

And one last thing stellas a singer she woud never keep it from the crowd so shes not miss clint city i highly predict tsubame but im hoping isatis

offline Solitare X Master  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 00:36

Isatis the only non 5 * with no body parts glowing shes gonna win prob i need to no tell me

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 00:51

Odds of a quirky card winning is 2 to 1.

offline SmilinJack85 Hero Shinsekai
Thursday 08/09/2011, 01:20

Still hoping Isatis pulls through

offline Solitare X Master  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 02:53

Stella glows shes ugly /tsubame is sexy /isatis sexy and tomboyish hope shayna is in next miss clint city competition hooray for psychotic hot snipers smileysmileysmiley

offline Elissa_TUK Guru  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 03:52

Bah, not bothered really now Eloxia is out of the race! I was really hoping for a 7/7 Defeat: Heal 1 Max 12 Skeelz card! They need more life gain cards!

Out of the rest, Stella ftw.... I don't play FPC or LJ smiley

offline Miss Sky Guru Immortality
Thursday 08/09/2011, 04:39

Miss Stella

offline YorkMorgan_UM Titan URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 08/09/2011, 05:15

No Miss Lola... smiley

Oh well. Out of these finalists, I hope Isatis wins smiley

offline TNT_Blue Titan TRiNiTY
Thursday 08/09/2011, 05:22

MISS MISs MIss Miss STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Cheers* smiley

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Clint City, night.