offline Keos_ro Hero WHITE FIGHTERS
Wednesday 07/09/2011, 17:32


I'm trying to complete legendary missions, i've finish first point.
But I can't do second one.

It appear "locked", and in the game "Survivor Type ..." is not activated.

Is something that I miss ?

Thank you,

offline NewHuy Master  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 02:54

You need to be lvl 15

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Thursday 08/09/2011, 04:29

Because there is a level requirement.

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 08/09/2011, 12:16


offline Hula_Daisy Colossus Immortality
Wednesday 19/10/2011, 18:27

If the Missions won't unlock just buy a pack

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 20/10/2011, 10:39

You can not have any doubles in your deck. Also in Elo Survivor you must has a deck under 25* and no elo banned cards.

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