offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 09/09/2011, 11:20

In all the clans, you need to train hard to reach the top. It's taken Sekutor a long time to perfect his vortex energy weapons. Ralph hasn’t exactly studied kung-fu but has done a lot of cleaning to get there. Reef has had to overcome his fear of drowning and kit himself out in rubber rings to be able to surf. While Carter, with his special powers, is at the top of his game in fighting but needs to brush up on math. He’s got a test on Monday…
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offline rabeez2001 Master  
Friday 09/09/2011, 16:23


offline Rubenino Veteran  
Friday 09/09/2011, 17:46

I love the art of these characters so much! URBAN RIVALS rocks totally

offline LOA_Lightning Titan  
Saturday 10/09/2011, 00:37

Solid release smiley

offline imari Veteran D-Versified
Saturday 10/09/2011, 03:44

Nice realese but when will we know who won miss Clint city?

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 10/09/2011, 04:41

@frosted bark, i wouldn't say so. Isatis eloxia tsubame stella kusuri shaakarti or lola will win. Some rumor even has it saho or martha will win. Personally my hopes are eloxia tsubame stella, and shaakarti. I had hopes on kusuri and lola, but remember last time we voted elo card? Miss jessie was pretty much worthless, compared to miss lulabee and mis fact the only thing i fear is if they make tsubame or shaakarti, there value could go down if they were to make a duplicate. The only thing i don't like is how most peole just pick the hot ones, ones they think would be funny, or just ones for their clan, rather than for the enjoyment of the game. This is my oppinion, so please don't judge me, as it hurts me not seeing a miss rescue 2011 ;(, but would we risk tsubame, worth 50000, not going miss clint city?
Here are my tips:
1 dont judge a card by its looks. As kusuri may be delicious, she wouldn't be good to vote for, as she is not good for t2. However, if her ability remains, she could have use.
2 actually vote, is it hard to click on the event? Thats all it took for me to get there.
3 vote for a highly valued card, and then we get a new card highly priced, however original will go down if card is copy.
4 don't vote for your clan allways. Just for the better of the game.
5 have fun with the voting. Even if the card will suck, don't let it ruin your day, enjoy having a new card!

offline kazjun Titan aussie crusaders
Saturday 10/09/2011, 08:29

You're a bit late. The top 3 have already been decided:

It's Stella, Isatis or Tsubame.

offline imari Veteran D-Versified
Saturday 10/09/2011, 14:20

When will the winner be announced though

offline iGraff Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 10/09/2011, 14:32

Whatever happened to roots?

offline kazjun Titan aussie crusaders
Saturday 10/09/2011, 16:22

According to the post, the new Miss will be announced on October 3rd.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Tuesday 13/09/2011, 04:10

@kazjun, i know, but my comment is just there to make a point. I hope tsubame wins so long as its not a crap card... I'll be pissed if isatis won, idk why, but it just bugs me that shes a finalist. Stella im ok with winning, but can you imagiene another stella? Kos with eachother and everything? It ticks me off on how people wanted martha and saho to win. At first i hoped kusuri, but we remember what happened trying to get another good elo card. My favorite finalists would have been tsubame, stella and shaakarti or whatever the vortex card is named. Personally, im a rescues user(kinda sucked, no good rescue candidates ;() but i did get 5 lvl 2 marcos before he went cr smiley. It makes me wonder who the next crs will be. Luckily i managed to create rules to help me guess right.
1. No high demand. If its kolos or dregn, they are in such high demand that urban rivals would never pick them.
2. Notice the cards? Look at caelus and marco, pretty highly priced, as well as amazing. They come from clans with little cr cards. They pick one in the 1000's at almost random to make them hard to predict.
3. Why cr's? Well, cr means collectors rarity, so the only way to get them is to buy them from other players, or if they make the lottery back to normal, so they cant be found in packs. They do this to make really powerful cards from being to common(ie djkorr cr) and to make nonexperienced players get plenty of clints, as it attracts more players. Not to mention guessing which will go cr increases demands aiming to get those cards in packs.
5. What next? If you get a large variety of cards from a clan, your bound to almost allways get 1 to go cr, however in the process you may get several other cards. So now what to do with them. Personally i sell them to friends for discounts, 1000 clint kerry ftw, but best is to sell them and buy a new cr card. They start out cheap and get expensive. I did this with caelus, bought him at 40000, sold at 90000. Those are all my tips i learned from Urban Rivals "stocks" please provide feedback on these tips, as i hope they will be useful!

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