Friday 09/09/2011, 11:20

In all the clans, you need to train hard to reach the top. It's taken Sekutor a long time to perfect his Vortex energy weapons. Ralph hasn’t exactly studied kung-fu but has done a lot of cleaning to get there. Reef has had to overcome his fear of drowning and kit himself out in rubber rings to be able to surf. While Carter, with his special powers, is at the top of his game in fighting but needs to brush up on math. He’s got a test on Monday…
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Tuesday 13/09/2011, 15:17

4. Note the name, if it is already cr, ld, or miss it definitely wont go cr. Keep in mind that cards with legendary missions also probably wont go cr.

Tuesday 13/09/2011, 18:45

"if it is already cr - - it definitely wont go cr."
Flawless logic, sir.

Wednesday 14/09/2011, 00:39

Lol, more like obvious logic but whatever

Wednesday 14/09/2011, 00:49

Btw, the original intention for that were for cards like Rass and Kiki, where in addition to havong them there is an additional cr card, and urban rivals wouldn't have 2 of the same cards, so thereby eliminating options of Kiki going cr. Does that make sense?

Wednesday 14/09/2011, 12:30

Veenyle = 27k ish (i expected it to be around this pric, it will probally decrese to around 20 -15k though when more people start to sell her).

Marco: 67k ish. (There must be a few more marcos then i fought as the price is low then i fought, It will probally carry on decreasing to about 60-50k befor rising to about 70-100k in the future (this might take about a year though).

Wednesday 14/09/2011, 12:31

Lol i posted in the wrong thread.

Thursday 15/09/2011, 03:40

@Um_Aaabattery. Actually, i predict this. Veenyle will go from 30000 to 20000 and slowly ascend into mid 50000. I estimate about 2-3 months before this. Marco however, you'll have to be rather tactical on this. One guy put most of his on the market and a bunch of others put theirs for cheap(perhaps so he could buy the, or to eliminate competition. Pretty smart when you think about it

Thursday 15/09/2011, 12:46

I thought we are talking about the new cards not the new cr's man there is a post for that go there

Thursday 15/09/2011, 14:02

Xx killer x5238: I know there is i had a funny 5 minets and posted in the wrong thread *Facepalm*

Saturday 17/09/2011, 03:00

I want new Roots next time

level 5 maybe!!!!!!!


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