offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 10/02/2012, 11:04

There’s certainly lots to do and see in Clint City tonight. On TV, Clint Sport Channel is broadcasting the exploits of Sigurd, the competition level wood-cutter. In the streets, Ranesh is preaching Cortez' good word through the force of his punches. And while Varoslav and his music-loving rabbit are rounding up the crowds for the Freaks’ show, Kalder prefers to work in the shadows, looking for hidden treasure while everyone else is otherwise occupied... Get these characters in the shop's packs

offline Wolfwitness Master  
Saturday 11/02/2012, 13:07

@UM-Alucard Yeah, it is. Competitive lumberjack games are fairly common in the northern states of the US and Canada.

offline KR_Copacabana Titan Knights Ressurection
Saturday 11/02/2012, 13:18

I would use Kalder over Puff as the second 2*, next to Tula in ELO oriented rooms, just for his extra 2 damage. Sure, the obvious choice would be Hawkins, but he's a bit expensive.

So I've read the comments and I keep seeing refferals to "Standard", can someone please explain and elaborate for those of us who don't know about it? Thanks!

offline Wolfwitness Master  
Saturday 11/02/2012, 13:28

It's a new system UR will putting in place. Link below for details.

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Saturday 11/02/2012, 14:17

@ Kr-copacabana
It is a new game mode, and will replace elo, although elo will still keep weekly scores / bans etc. The only thing they will change are the cards limited to the game mode. They're changing it so you can only use cards that were released in the last 2 years.
Personally i dont mind a change, but either time mode should be extended to maybe 3?? or make it the last X cards released for the clan. Oh well. Find the whole debate in the link wolfwitness posted.

offline princekhlil12 Titan Past Present and Future
Sunday 12/02/2012, 10:16

They should make 6 damage for level 2 Berzerk
give backlash - 5 life!!!

offline FEAR_bleustx Titan Peenoise Republic
Sunday 12/02/2012, 14:11

Some of us are really questioning the release of a Berzerk card with the coming of the Standard mode. I think it's quite logical why UR still released a card to this new clan. If we are to think of it long term, in two years time, they will be phased out if UR do not release a single card to Berzerk. smiley

I'm just wondering how they would address the problems of other clans? I really thought they will solve this issue by increasing the number of cards released every other week.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Sunday 12/02/2012, 19:06

What UR needs is like 3 rooms(6 counting elo and t2), and have wager stuff, in incriments of 100, 1000, and 10,000 clintz. It would be a very interesting and beneficial game mode, but it might not be beneficial to some. It would make ur much more interesting... And would be a better source of income than survivor

offline Minion4D Imperator The Fourth Dimension
Monday 13/02/2012, 09:56

If they release 5 cards every 2 weeks do you reckon that would help? I mean it would allow for an extra clan to get a member, but it really depends on whats easier for the artists.

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Monday 13/02/2012, 11:07

Hold for the next month or so we do re-release weeks. Where we can release old cards for the clans, imagine getting a Kolos in newblood :O

offline Minion4D Imperator The Fourth Dimension
Monday 13/02/2012, 17:09

Thats a fantastic idea.

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