offline 2481181251319 Novice  
Thursday 16/02/2012, 06:08

Here is my deck:

As you can see in the comments, one person got over 300 points in a tournament. The highest I've gotten is 100, and I usually get about 50. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It's the exact same deck. And how can someone even fight that many people in an hour?

Can someone tell me how I should be using this deck? Because it's really good, I just suck at the game. So...little help?

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 16/02/2012, 11:21

The highest you got from 1 hour of playing is 100 points......with a win from that deck you easily get 25 points. Thats 4 matches won in a full hour. If you win a match once every 15 minutes you can easily get 100. So either you time out and forfeit and play like a slow noob. Or you suck at playing the game and lose every single match in the DT and take a long time doing so.

offline Apple Tart Veteran  
Thursday 16/02/2012, 11:45

LOL same prob dude....i think tht someone is playin' with Kolos or with Fang Pi and have all the 1HTKO cards so he/she can defet over50 enemies in one hour!! But thts just my thoughts....smileysmileysmiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 16/02/2012, 12:42

You really shouldn't be only getting 100 points with this deck unless you don't start intill late in the DT or you only play other hands of only 2*'s and you lose each fight (slowly).

Like Mr Intelijent said you should be getting about 25 points per win (about 8 -10 per loss). So unless you do what i said above then you should easaly make 150+

The person who got 300+ is playing a deck like the one you are using and winning most of there fights.

@IM_The Freak-: Unless you can win very quickly (about a win ever 30 10 - 20 seconds lol) having a deck full of 5*'s would probally make the same ammount, probally less, then this deck.

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Friday 17/02/2012, 16:39

@ the know that a furious win with kolos nets 1-3 points, right? thats a whopping 50 points an hour?

offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
Friday 17/02/2012, 21:17

That's why they're posting here. Cause they don't know smiley
Honestly, that deck sucks hardcore. DRs and heal abilities slow down matches, anita is predictable, larry is terrible against soa.
The only way to get better is to play DTs more and more. After a while, you start seeing the same clone decks and know what cards to use against what cards. You'll mostly see montana, uppers, or half decks mixed with both. And once you know how to play against those decks, you'll be able to basically play like a robot against those decks, playing the right card and pilling automatically the right amount. Hopefully the opponent doesn't bluff XD.

TL;DR, play more DTs. Don't take too long, but first work on finding out how to beat your opponent's cards. After you get really good at it, you should start playing moves in like, hmm... (it takes me like 1 second to figure out which card to counter with, 1 to put the pillz on it and to press ok, so...) 2 seconds at the fastest (then add in the delay on the opponent's part and the delay for the card fighting thing, makes it like 10 seconds at the fastest). Learn to play ahead as well (protip: during the last maybe 10 minutes of DTs, ppl tend to go for 2HKO's more often. I like to use a card i can bait them with, with enough pillz to beat them, to have them go all out for the 2HKO... only for them to find out they lost and lose the next rounds. Rescue are a good clan to win with after you've blocked a 2HKO and exhausted the opps of their pillz.)

offline fisheatdog Imperator Organized Konfusion
Friday 17/02/2012, 23:50

Strategy: Pick one round. Lose it. Win all the rest

offline Jellal_Fds Titan Vicious Salvo
Monday 20/02/2012, 01:02

Try a similar strategy in T2 (a tiny cuts deck) where the rewards for beating a 5* card with a 2* is high!

offline Ouroboros-WMD Hero Wise Men Distracted
Monday 20/02/2012, 01:38

In T1 dt you are gonna find uppers and montana. I ran one today top 50 easy.

Its about playing fast. First move should be smart but if you lose on that first play put all pills on a 2* that can win and take the loss but get those points.

That deck isnt going to do well right now with dudley ld missions out people are playing lots of nightmare.

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