Friday 06/04/2012, 11:40

One could be lured into thinking that things are getting better in Clint City. Thanks to his tasers, Sammy is trying to maintain law and order without actually killing anyone, Holly is making delicious cakes for her girlfriends, and Aleister is using his psychic powers to quietly enrich the fortunes of the Sakrohm. But in the shadows lurks a wicked little dolly who goes by the name of Cutey… No, the streets are still not safe!
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Monday 09/04/2012, 03:39

Another thing that might help is a
8/1 poison 3 min 5 3* for Roots. That'd make them extremely popular

Monday 09/04/2012, 07:53

Poison is too risky in the Roots
Its best to have a OP or OA type
so we can use it in Standard
All OP and OA cards of Roots are useless in Standard

Monday 09/04/2012, 09:23

While Roots may not be great in standard, they still shine in elo. I have had many an easy run to 1300+ running mono Roots...they are far from dead. Gertjan, Rico, Jeto, Yookie, Gretchen, noodile, they have PLENTY of great cards.

Monday 09/04/2012, 12:00

For Roots user
why people never use Tshern??
He is strong,right?

Monday 09/04/2012, 12:12

I've actually used Tshern before, in ELO, and he requires too many pillz to get in a poison with too high a min. The min of 5 kills you, as the next card to win basically nulls that poison. Hes pretty useless.

Monday 09/04/2012, 12:13

Eh, Gretchen > Tshern.

Monday 09/04/2012, 13:12

Tshern > Gretchen...???

Monday 09/04/2012, 15:21

Tshern is like Azel or greem, but much much worse

Monday 09/04/2012, 15:34

Well,as a GHEIST user, a poison 3 sound great
with power 7!!!
but ya,min 5 is high
But i never use Kersten or Nina
too weak

Monday 09/04/2012, 19:39

smiley smiley smiley i didnt realise til now but theres not a card called JACK on UR why why why??????? its mine name and theres cards with my name in but, Jackie Cr and Candy Jack arnt good enough i wud really like a bezerk card called JACK just to say that i have a card after me and its in my fav clan too plz UR staff for me LOL smiley smiley smiley


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