Sunday 13/05/2012, 13:25

DT Win - 544pts
Aim to win 3 rounds, but it has the flexibility with some of the 3* cards to still win with only 2 rounds if you have to. Don't put the emphasis on the ko, you can get the bonus 2 points from finishing above 12 life instead. And play fast!

Monday 14/05/2012, 13:03

This is the opposite ^ ^


Monday 14/05/2012, 17:53

1st deck = good. smiley

2nd deck = bad smiley

Monday 14/05/2012, 19:29

Well seeing as my deck doesn't exactly depend on damage, I wouldn't worry about that, and neither would most people who use low star decks now and not 2HKO decks smiley

Monday 14/05/2012, 23:39

Heehee. Its the anti-UR/fairplay deck! Already -210 in less than a day!


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